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Launch of "Jimmy the Terrorist" by Omair Ahmad at Crossword Bangalore Residency Road
Launch of "Broom & Groom" by Kiran Bedi & Pavan Choudary at Crossword Bandra Linking Road
"No Kidding Around" – Corporate Story
"Kids do the Darndest Things" – Children’s Hour at Crossword
Launch of "Love, Life & all that Jazz" by Ahmed Faiyaz at Crossword Kemps corner
"A Book Club with a Heart" – Donate a Book Campaign at Crossword Bookstores
Launch of "Year of the Tiger" by Sohaila Abdulali at Crossword Kemps corner
"Bookmarked" – Corporate Story
"The Temple Goers" by Aatish Taseer at Crossword Kemps corner
Launch of "License to Live" by Priya Kumar at Crossword Kemps corner
Launch of "Makers of Modern India" by Ramachandra Guha at Crossword Juhu
Launch of "Learnings of an Advertising Practioner" by A.G. Krishnamurthy at Crossword Kemps corner
Launch of "We have no price and everyone must know that we have no price" by Arun Shourie at Crossword Kemps corner
Launch of "Notes from an Indian Conservative" by Jerry Rao at Crossword Kemps corner
Crossword Bookstores launches new store in Chennai – Corporate Story
Launch of "You´re Not Alone" by Nityasa Belapurkar at Crossword Bandra Linking Rd
Reading at Leisure – Corporate Story
Launch of "Mice in Men" by Anirban Bose at Crossword Hyderabad
Launch of "Tonite this Savage Rite" by Pritish Nandy at Crossword Bandra Linking Rd
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