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  • Fingerprint By Andrea Anastasio R 950
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    When designer and artist Andrea Anastasio visited the United States some years ago, he was fingerprinted (like everyone else) by the airport immigration authorities. This moment--both…
  • Conceptual Art By Peter Osborne R 4,050   
    Out Of Stock This exciting series situates the work of individual artists within the bigger picture of modern art. The uninitiated reader and the scholar alike need look no…
  • New Media Art By Mark Tribe R 427   
    Out Of Stock Art in the age of digital communication Artists have always been early adopters of emerging media technologies, from Albrecht D?rer and his use of the printing…
  • Conceptual Art By Daniel Marzona R 485   
    Out Of Stock
Showing 4 Results in Art > Conceptual Grid | List
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