How Did I Become Like This?

By Imoru Nicholas Imoru (Author)

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How do people end up with the kind of attitude they have? Why do some people have good attitudes and others in the same conditions, bad attitudes? In this book, Nick explains these two questions. Having the right attitude is not a gift, but a choice. The choice of an individual determines what he/she becomes. No one forces you to think or feel or behave the way you do. It is your choice, so you can choose to have a good attitude. Your choice is the compass that points out your destination. So, your choice to becoming a better you is what generates in you the passion to transforming your attitude. It is not the world outside that determines the outcome of your life, it's the world inside. What you think, you become; for as he thinks in his heart so is he.


  • : How Did I Become Like This?
  • : Imoru Nicholas Imoru
  • : Esteemworld Publications
  • : 1907011064
  • : 9781907011061
  • : Paperback
  • : 120
  • : English


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