The Idea of Prostitution

By Sheila Jeffreys (Author)

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From the white-slave traffic of the 19th century to present-day business practices, this well-researched report examines the changing concept of prostitution, exploring its initial roles as a form of sexual freedom and a way for women to escape poverty to a contemporary role as a human rights violation. Arguing against sexual violence, this record investigates various aspects related to the topic, including male prostitution, military brothels, and pornography. Comparing the act with slavery and marital rape, this new edition explores the claims of the prostitutes' rights movement and the burgeoning sex industry. This invaluable book is not only informative vis-a-vis the condition of prostituted individuals but also determined in its convictions.


  • : The Idea of Prostitution
  • : Sheila Jeffreys
  • : Spinifex Press
  • : 1876756675
  • : 9781876756673
  • : Paperback
  • : 394
  • : English

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