The Last Ten Days

By Eugenia Clark (Author), Eleanor La France Hardy (Author)

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How does one find the courage to die? How does one find the strength to say good-bye? Millions of people all over the world are faced with these questions every year. Although dying is a common occurrence, there is nothing common about dying. Each death is a unique and an individual experience. This book is a small glimpse into the life of a dying person. How profound it must be to know you are going to die. Imagine living every day wondering if today is the day you are going to die. You know death is coming, just not exactly when. Imagine the strength that it would take to smile or joke, or to possibly try to make plans just for tomorrow if you know tomorrow may be your last day. Many of us partake in the ritual of death. We play a minute part in an individual's life. The biggest part we play is in our own. There are many unanswered questions when a person dies. I do not claim to have the answers to any of them. This story is the story of the strength of two people: one who was dying and another who needed strength to let him go. Then there was me. What was my part? Just as I am narrating this book, I went to help, to observe, to provide support, to provide understanding, to offer spiritual council, and to love. I was there to bear witness to the last ten days.


  • : The Last Ten Days
  • : Eugenia Clark
  • : PublishAmerica
  • : 1424108950
  • : 9781424108954
  • : Paperback
  • : 52
  • : English

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