The Manual of Quants

By John Henry Morel (Author)

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"The Manual of Quants" is a comprehensive examination of current practices in the field of quantitative analysis and the development of quantum algorithms in financial markets. No other book exists like this book, which covers basic principles of discrete mathematics and physics to assist quants and algorithm developers in developing a qualified approach to holistic mathematics models to investigate buy/sell trends and patterns in financial markets. This comprehensive look at discrete physics in the quant workplace is the first of its kind to combine theoretical physics with mathematics and algorithms to assist quantitative analysts, financial institutions and the individual investor in better understanding the scientific basis for investigation of patterns in the quantum field, both observable and potential. The author discusses in plain language for any analyst to understand, the common problems and hurdles encountered in contemporary practices of developing algorithms and introduces basic principles of contemporary physics and discrete mathematics to assist the quant developer in developing comprehensive approaches to market analysis, prediction and hydraulic assay. No other book does what this bible of quants attempts to do and in attempting to do so, a whole new language and approach is introduced into the workplace while simultaneously defuncting a broad range of preexisting paradigms that no longer serve monetary interests nor personal or corporate interests in the long run. Author John Henry Morel, presents an open and shut case that redefines mathematic investigation of the quantum field, the unknown, patterns in financial markets and presents a solid, robust approach to quantum mechanics for the astute observer and algorithm developer. Back Cover Reviews: "A STUNNING ACHIEVEMENT GROUNDBREAKING WORK " - Michael Grayson "A GEM THE MODERN QUANT'S BIBLE" - Felicity Ray Description from the Back Cover: "The field of quantitative analysis bears some scrutiny. How can analysis be done in a vacuum of speculation limited to discrete patterns within a single field of inquiry? A quantum pattern cannot be discerned without assessing the entire field of activity. Judging one book by its cover does not warrant reading the other books. Judging one book by its cover warrants an examination of the field itself on a quantum scale of inquiry without overlooking the causal trajectories inherent and in movement in all. "The Manual of Quants" is written by author, John Henry Morel, to discuss the basic principles overlooked in modern quantitative analysis and the field of financial quantitative algorithms. No other book discusses physics in the context of developing qualified discrete mathematical algorithms for the world of securities and financial markets. This book redefines quantitative analysis down to its brick and mortar origins and resolves the complexities of modern number theory and the teraflop power of a sophisticated protocol for the investigation of quantum mechanics and market theory in the workplace for today's quants and market analysts. The author does a remarkable job of explaining the rigor with which one must pursue true quantitative analysis on a par with the Oracle of Delphi and the Quantum algorithm. Bestselling author, John Henry Morel, has published over 50 books in the fields of metaphysics, quantitative theory, discrete physics and mathematics. He is the creator of the Segesis, Goldspars, Quantum and Pack Nine algorithms. His books are sold internationally and have earned him recognition in the fields of mathematics and physics. He is well recognized as a leader in the field of quantitative physics and analysis."


  • : The Manual of Quants
  • : John Henry Morel
  • : Rodaian Press
  • : 1935436201
  • : 9781935436201
  • : Paperback
  • : 74
  • : English


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