The Power Of Numbers

By Sameer Shah (Author)

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About the Book :

All children deserve the best-why not begin with a name? The power of a name has always been prominent in history. Names are not given by chance or accident; they are attached to us according to our needs, though we are rarely aware of this. Each alphabet in a person's name carries a vibration which lends itself to the individual. The children of the 21st century will face a unique set of challenges. In general, these children will be initiators of a new world order and generations will be  more focussed on responsibility in human affairs and will end the 20th century's unabashed egocentricity. Their ambitions will provide an intuitive sensitivity to world affairs, where the heart will play a more important role than the mind. This book is a numerological guide to naming babies born between 1st January and 31 st December, 2011. It helps parents know the qualities they can expect in their newborns and advises them on how to name their babies in order to support their numerological charts and benefit them over the long term. While a child's date of birth governs his numerological Birth Chart, his name also plays a role in determining his destiny. The inclusion of certain alphabets in the child's name will support his various numerological charts. This book suggests specific sets of alphabets which will help parents choose a numerologically appropriate name. This guide suggests alphabets from the English language according to numerological considerations only which apply inclusively to names of all races, religions and cultures. This book attempts to provide all new parents with the basic knowledge of how to provide a powerful name vibration for their babies.

About the Author :

Sameer shah has been an Osho devotee from his early teens and was drawn to learning and practising meditation from a young age. While he grew up and took over the family business, he never lost the path of spirituality and inner growth. Experience and knowledge gained over time helped him optimize his creativity. His perseverance and dedication to the study of numerology and helping people around the world with personal consultations, has earned him great respect and success. Sameer is highly influenced by the teachings of David Phillips Ph.D, an ace numerologist and erstwhile lecturer, London University, who has authored a dozen books on the subject. David's influence and writings have helped Sameer travel to the  inner core of the science of numerology. Creative adaptation of techniques and information has made Sameer an astute numerologist. He has developed and practises a technique of numerology which blends the Pythagorean theory with poarapsychology. He stongly belives that the solution for all problems lies in self- awareness, which in turn brings acceptance.  This enables the individual not to see difficulties as problems, but as the path travelled as one's destiny, in the journey of life.


  • : The Power Of Numbers
  • : Sameer Shah
  • : Celestial Books
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  • : 9789380154206
  • : Paperback
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  • : English

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