The Scam

By Debashis Basu (Author)

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This is the extraordinary story of two scams, separated like identical twins by 9 years. In 1992, it was Harshad Mehta. In 2001, Ketan Parekh. In the scam of 1992 Indian banks, businessmen, brokers, foreign banks, mutual funds and politicians colluded to create a false bull market that ended in a meltdown.In a remarkable repetation of history, another set of banks, brokers, companies and foreign investors were involved in Scam 2001. Exactly as in the first, in the second scam too a self-important parliamentary committee ordered mountains of document and called scores of witnesses to find a molehill. As in the first, several banks collapsed in the second scam too, as RBI was found napping.


  • : The Scam
  • : Debashis Basu
  • : Kensource Information Service P Ltd
  • : 8188154024
  • : 9788188154029
  • : paperback
  • : 378

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