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Sleeping With Your Smartphone: How To Break The 24/7 Habit And Change The Way You Work

By Leslie Perlow (Author)

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What’s the single, powerful, practical idea (SPPI)?

How any team or work unit can challenge the "always on" work ethic and create new and better ways of working together.

We are 'on' a lot. Being connected 24/7 to colleagues and clients give us the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. But the consequences of all this connectivity late-night interruptions, weekend emergencies, and that never-ending pressure to be 'on' can be exhausting, frustrating, and counterproductive. Worse, our organizations now expect us to be always on and ready to respond at the drop of a hat. But does it really have to be this way? Is there a better way to work, one that doesn't require total connectivity all of the time? This book, based on Harvard Business School professor and ethnographer Leslie Perlow’s latest research, offers a radical, but simple, idea take disconnected time off and shows how anyone can work within their teams in new ways that don’t require everyone to be 'always on'. In Sleeping with your Blackberry, Perlow tells the story of how a simple experiment she initiated at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – an elite, internally competitive and 'always on' organization unleashed a powerful process that changed the status quo.

With step-by-step instructions for how others can replicate this process within their own teams, this book shows how team members or leaders can:

•  Create a collective experiment

•  Identify a collective goal

•  Establish the practices to make it work

•  Ensure leadership support

•  Hold team members’ feet to the fire

•  Deal with resistance and outright hostility to the process

•  Share your results with others in your organization

Sleeping with your Blackberry reveals the power we all have to change the norms and expectations that guide behavior in the workplace.

About The Author :

Leslie Perlow is the Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership in the Organizational Behavior area at the Harvard Business School. She currently teaches in the Program for Leadership Development and runs a seminar on qualitative, inductive research.

Professor Perlow's research focuses on the micro-dynamics of work. She seeks to understand what really happens at work i.e., what do people do all day, how do they spend their time, with whom do they interact and with what consequences for organizations and individuals. Through her work, she identifies ways organizations can change their practices to the benefit of both the organization's productivity and the individuals' personal lives. She also engages with organizations trying to make these changes and studies the change process itself.

Before joining the Harvard faculty, Professor Perlow was on the faculty of the University of Michigan Business School. She received her B.A. in Economics from Princeton University and her Ph.D. in Organization Studies from MIT. Prior to her academic career, she worked as a management consultant.

She is the author of the books Finding Time (Cornell University Press, 1997) and When You Say No But Mean Yes (Crown, 2003).


  • : Sleeping With Your Smartphone: How To Break The 24/7 Habit And Change The Way You Work
  • : Leslie Perlow
  • : Harvard Business School Publishing
  • : 1422144046
  • : 9781422144046
  • : Hardcover
  • : 288
  • : English

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