You Can Heal Your Life

By Louise L Hay (Author)

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You Can Heal Your Life, a New York Times bestseller, is a self-help book that focuses on physical well being through mental training. Louise L. Hay explains how thoughts are the main driving force of one’s body’s mechanism, in order to drive home the point of mental healing.

Thoughts and acts have an impact on how the human body learns to interpret and interact with the world. Hay provides practical guidance on how to get rid of one’s negative thoughts and unlock the mind’s potential to heal any illness. She also shows how negative thoughts build up and create negative energy that blocks and prevents people from making their lives better.

The author firmly believes that thoughts shape human lives. She uses her own experience to help readers, and gives out snippets of her personal struggle. Hay was diagnosed with cancer, but she states that she applied the techniques described in the book to cure herself. She attempts to show the readers how it is possible to use the strength of their thoughts in positive ways, to heal illnesses and make life better for themselves.

About the Author :

Louise L. Hay is a renowned author of self-help books, and she is the founder of the publishing company, Hay House. She has written several books on the power of thoughts to improve one’s health and quality of life.

She has written other self-help books, including The Power is Within You, Loving Thoughts for Increasing Prosperity, 101 Ways to Health and Healing, Meditations To Heal Your Life, and Power Thoughts: 365 Daily Affirmations.

Louise L. Hay was born in 1925 in Los Angeles, California. Her most successful book is You Can Heal Your Life, which was published in 1984.



  • : You Can Heal Your Life
  • : Louise L Hay
  • : Hay House India
  • : 8190565583
  • : 9788190565585
  • : Paperback
  • : 272
  • : English

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Sara on 04.04.2012

This is one of the best books I have ever read on Personal healing. In her book, Louise explains the very basic need of healing and how negative thoughts and life style can affect us, and just by simple healing techniques how we can make our dreams come true, and how we can really 'create' a truly happily ever after life for ourselves. The affirmations of her book are truly healing and it really heals you physically and mentally. Believe it or not, for someone who was physically and mentally ill for years, this book helped me a lot and completely made over my life. Today, I can proudly say that I am very healthy and happy and I designed a truly happy life and I am in fact living it. I think this book will be my life guide throughout my life, and Louise, my personal doctor. I will recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a serious self help for your physical and mental health.

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