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The India Way

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The global order is always evolving, and in that sense, change could well be seen as a constant f... Read More

Product Description

The global order is always evolving, and in that sense, change could well be seen as a constant factor. But that ongoing evolution has now been given a sharper edge by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, developments in Afghanistan, the Ukraine conflict and greater friction among key powers. 'One Trend and Four Shocks' are thus creating a new landscape.

The 'Four Shocks' have, each in their own way, led to heightened global anxiety and insecurity. This era of upheaval entails greater expectations from India, putting it on the path to becoming a leading power.

In The India Way, S. Jaishankar, India's Minister of External Affairs, analyses these challenges and spells out possible policy responses. In doing so, he is very conscious of balancing India's national interest with international responsibilities. He places this thinking in the context of history and tradition, appropriate for a civilizational power that seeks to reclaim its place on the world stage.

'One of the many interesting aspects of The India Way is the use of a rare lens - the Mahabharata - to frame the current global strategic problems and India's foreign policy challenges. Jaishankar's judgments on themes ranging from non-alignment to balance of power will surely draw much critical interest within India and beyond. There is no doubt that the book opens an important window into Delhi's changing worldview ... The emerging cohort of strategic communities can and must learn from all traditions of statecraft - including Western, Chinese and Indian. The last few decades have unsurprisingly seen an explosion of international studies on the Chinese tradition of statecraft. Jaishankar's The India Way is a timely call to fill the deficit on the Indian end.' - C. Raja Mohan, Indian Express

'Nothing should distract from the book's fundamental objective, namely, the elucidation of India's vision of itself and its behavior in global politics ... The India Way offers an utterly authentic vision of how the official mind in India imagines the country's international posture. To say that this volume is brilliant in both style and substance would be an understatement ... It should be indispensable reading.' - Ashley J. Tellis, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

'The India Way is a meditation on the sources of India's conduct on the global stage, and on the evolution of Indian foreign policy at a time of unprecedented changes in the global order. Dr Jaishankar's credentials are impeccable when it comes to dissecting India's options in an increasingly turbulent world. And he does so with a scholar's sincerity and a practitioner's panache.' - Harsh V. Pant, Hindustan Times

'The India Way is a timely message to the new India which is becoming stronger and is seeking its due place in the world. The book is not a mere academic analysis or erudite exercise. It is the call of a serving External Affairs Minister with experience of four decades of distinguished career as a diplomat ... Jaishankar's bold, dispassionate, candid and clear articulation fits the description of diplomacy by Thiruvalluvar in his poem: "Diplomacy is articulation according to the need of the time with profound knowledge and without fear."' - R. Viswanathan, The Week

'Rarely does an incumbent foreign minister have the time or inclination to write a book on foreign policy. But when a seasoned practitioner of diplomacy with a scholastic mind like Dr S. Jaishankar is in the saddle, a long work drawing upon deep reflection is not out of turn. The India Way is both an act of selfexpression by a keen observer and lover of international relations, and a vehicle to communicate to the world how India is adapting to historic changes ... This book is educative about what the future holds for an aspirational country. It is a clarion call to play the game of realpolitik.' - Sreeram Chaulia, Asian Age

'Some books are read for who has written them; some are for the contents, and some for style. One should read Dr S Jaishankar's book for all three. A former Foreign Secretary of India and now its Foreign Minister, Jaishankar has written on what could be a strategy for India, with an interesting style of weaving a story through looking back (from Awadh and even Mahabharata) to look ahead.' - D. Suba Chandran, The Book Review Literary Trust

'S. Jaishankar lays out the broad framework of India's policymaking. He emphasizes a realistic approach free of dogmas, willing to take risks and ready to engage different powers at the same time. He offers an overview of the evolution of India's foreign policy through the pitfalls and the opportunities ahead ... The foreign policy framework The India Way offers is an authoritative account of New Delhi's worldview.' - Stanly Johny, The Hindu

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