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Vinayak Mittal

Vinayak Mittal was born in 2002 in Noida, India, where his father worked at the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. For many years he focussed his attention on chess, winning games and gaining kudos, until he decided that it was the world of words that made him truly happy. He read passionately – books by JK Rowling and Rick Riordan being favourites – and understood that writing, with the infinite stories that could be told, was what he wanted to do. Inspired, Vinayak began work on his first novel, Crossroads, becoming a published author at the age of 13. Told simply and evocatively, Crossroads was a chronicle of fantasy and otherworldliness, a rollicking adventure that spanned time and place. Most of all, it was a story of friendship and bonding, with a group of young people coming together to fight adversaries that could have defeated any one of them alone. Vinayak’s next book, Crosstimes, was published a year later. The popularity of Crossroads and Crosstimes, and the need to continue the tangled tale of Jaden, Frank, Arthur, Rose and their friends led to Crosslinks, the final novel of the series.