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30 Days To A More Powerful

Release date: 1 January 2012
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The book is a popular guide to help improve ones vocabulary in a span of just one month. Norman L... Read More

Product Description

The book is a popular guide to help improve ones vocabulary in a span of just one month. Norman Lewis, who is one of the best known English grammarians, in the book lays out time tested but simple ways for improving ones communication skills.

For those who often misuse, mispronounce or lack basic vocabulary knowledge, this book is a good companion. Having a history of being in print for the last 40 years, this vocabulary guide has been relied upon by millions of learners for enhancing their reading, writing and speaking skills in mere 30 days.

A learner needs to use the book daily for 15 minutes for one month and results about improvements in vocabulary and usage of English language would begin to show up. Once the step-by-step instructions for proper usage of English language is over, the book also has 30 challenging tests for self-evaluation purposes.

The workbook will guides out about proper usage of words and tenses in order to form correct sentences while writing or speaking. When using this vocabulary guide, one can even learn about the etymology of word, correct usage of verbs, adjectives, prepositions and articles, as well as learn odd/new words for personalized growth in English language.

30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary will even help a learning in remembering difficult words which can then be used on a daily basis for better academic performance, communication or for expressing ones viewpoint. From beginners to public speaking in English, s whoever seeks to command the usage of English language, this standard book is a great companion for improving vocabulary, language and communication skills.

About the Author:

Norman Lewis was a leading grammarian who worked a lifetime to help people improve their English language skills. The author, lexicographer and etymologist was a professor at New York University and did teach at City College, New York as well. His best selling 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary is still referred to by people who want to improve their English Grammar.


Product Details

Title: 30 Days To A More Powerful
Author: Dr. Wilfred Funk
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
SKU: BK0257781
EAN: 9781476749228
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 1 January 2012

About Author

Norman Lewis was an author, grammarian, lexicographer, and etymologist. Lewis was a leading authority on English-language skills, whose bestselling 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary published by Pocket Books in 1971 promised to teach readers to improve their skills in fifteen minutes a day.

Lewis started his teaching career at New York University and the City College of New York. From 1964 to 1995, he taught English?including grammar, etymology and vocabulary?at Rio Hondo College, a two-year community college in Whittier, California. For more than a decade, he was also the chairman of Rio Hondo?s communications department.

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