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À¤…À¤¸À¤¤À¥?À¤¯À¤®À¥‡À¤µ À¤Œ?À¤¤À¥‡ ? (Gujarati)

Release date: 16 November 2022
₹ 799

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Yes... A-Satyamev Jayate! You read it right... Asatyameva Jayate is an apt description of how Ind... Read More

Product Description

Yes... A-Satyamev Jayate! You read it right... Asatyameva Jayate is an apt description of how India's history has been distorted and misrepresented at every step. This extraordinary, well-researched book explores the truth with irrefutable evidence, demolishes deliberate obfuscation, and asserts our true history... right from the so-called Aryan invasion to India's independence movement. This book throws light on such aspects of India's history that have been deliberately hidden from us... to divide India, to destroy its confidence and self-respect, to mentally cripple it. This book will surprise you, shock you, and hurt you at how you have been misled and cheated for so long. But finally, it will fill your heart with pride, at the glorious past of our great country...India i.e. Bharat ! On the occasion of the 75th year of our independence, we wish to take this book to every Indian worldwide. Towards this end, we are offering it at a 'Special Rate'. For details of the offer, booking procedure and a video on the book visit website given below... Book your copy now and begin your journey from Asatyameva Jayate to Satyameva Jayate ! A-Satyamev Jayate... ? Author - Abhijit Joag ✒️ The Aryan Invasion Theory ✒️ India’s History: A Story of Defeats? ✒️ Negationism – What is Inconvenient, Never Happened! ✒️ Emperor Ashok and Akbar – Were They Really ‘Great’? ✒️ Sufi…You Too? ✒️ India’s Social, Cultural and Economic ✒️ Backwardness: Reasons and Narratives ✒️ Plying the Spindle Certainly Yields Yarn

Product Details

Title: À¤…À¤¸À¤¤À¥?À¤¯À¤®À¥‡À¤µ À¤Œ?À¤¤À¥‡ ? (Gujarati)
Author: Abhijit Joag
Publisher: Bhishma PRakashan
ISBN: 9788195675869
SKU: BK0474258
EAN: 9788195675869
Language: Gujarati
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 10 years and up
Release date: 16 November 2022

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