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A Second Chance

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Relationships require openness, and that brings vulnerability. If you open up, you risk getting h... Read More

Product Description

Relationships require openness, and that brings vulnerability. If you open up, you risk getting hurt; if you don’t, you may never know the relationship you deserve.
Disha has always been shy and wary, and finds it difficult to make friends. Having grown up with parents who bicker all the time, she craves warmth and harmony. And ever since she first experienced the emotion of love, she has longed to be the centre of a special someone’s world. But with every fibre of her being, Disha believes she is unlucky in love. The hardest part for anyone is finding the ‘right’ person—but in her search for that man, broken hearts and broken promises is all she’s had.
With no luck and no one on the horizon, Disha gives up and agrees to an arranged marriage. Is true love not written in her stars? Will she be able to reverse her fortunes, or is she destined to never find her soulmate?
A Second Chance is the heart-wrenching story of a multifaceted girl and her search to find the love she deserves.

Product Details

Title: A Second Chance
Author: Sudeep Nagarkar
Publisher: Westland Publications
ISBN: 9789389648256
SKU: BK0425796
EAN: 9789389648256
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Sudeep Nagarkar has authored twelve bestselling novels: Few Things Left Unsaid, That’s the Way We Met, It Started With a Friend Request, Sorry You’re Not My Type, You’re the Password to My Life, You’re Trending in My Dreams, She Swiped Right Into My Heart, All Rights Reserved for You, Our Story Needs No Filter, She Friend Zoned My Love and The Secrets We Keep and Stand by Me!. He has been featured on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities for two consecutive years. He was also awarded the ‘Celebrity author of 2013’ by Amazon and, in 2016, he was awarded the ‘Youth Icon of the Year’ by Zee Awards and WBR group. He has given guest lectures at various organisations and institutes, including TEDx and the IITs. Connect with Sudeep via: Instagram: sudeepnagarkar Facebook Fan page: Facebook Profile: Twitter: sudeep_nagarkar

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