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AHistory Of Objects

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A candy box reveals a son's true feelings for his mother. A fish sculpture creeps into a budding ... Read More

Product Description

A candy box reveals a son's true feelings for his mother. A fish sculpture creeps into a budding and healthy relationship. A splint on a music teacher's finger threatens to expose a secret.

Objects can come to hold great power over life and the course it takes. This collection of short stories explores the nuances of the human experience as objects of sentimental value, nostalgic appeal or cultural significance bear witness and shed light on all that remains unsaid. A History of Objects expertly demonstrates the ways in which the inanimate are far from lifeless.

'What marvellous fun, what pleasure to read Carlo's short stories! He employs a wonderfully unusual premise, each story is accessed through the world of an object and their intricate, inescapable entanglement with people's lives -- a wind-up cockroach that signals the end of a fling, a smartphone universe that traps its users in an idyllic country cottage, a single sheet stand that becomes a crutch, a missing umbrella that unleashes great evil, a gun that's hidden to be found, a stolen sweater that reveals family history, a mask that captures all the precarity of our pandemic lives. Here are stories that speak to the social biography of things, and open up for us world after world of drama, tension, urgency, making us rethink, reassess how we negotiate, in our daily lives, the things we own, and the things that own us.'
-- Janice Pariat

Product Details

Title: AHistory Of Objects
Author: Carlo Pizzati
SKU: BK0444321
EAN: 9789354892462
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Carlo Pizzati is the author of seven books of fiction and non-fiction. He is a political analyst for la Stampa and a professor of theory of communication at the Asian College of Journalism. He has won the Leonardo International Prix and the Igor Man Prize.

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