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'This typing lark isnât too bad. It's much better than a three-hour-long class on how to correctl... Read More

Product Description

'This typing lark isnât too bad. It's much better than a three-hour-long class on how to correctly lay a table in case of a "crisis" situation...'

It is 1991, and Indiaâs economy is opening up to foreign investment for the very first time. For wealthy business families across the country, however, it is a move fraught with uncertainty. In Bombay, Arzu, the pampered daughter of a newspaper mogul, finds the situation particularly tense â for her one concern is to score a proposal from her millionaire boyfriend before the countryâs celebrated economic liberalization sours his mood any further.

Then, an innocent gesture on her part causes everything to go awry, and Arzu is forced to leave for New York City on the pretext of attending finishing school under the hawk-like supervision of her snobby aunt Parul Bua. While Parulâs one-point agenda is to find a suitable match for her niece, Arzu, revelling in the heady independence that New York offers, finds herself poised on the brink of an idea that could change the nature of an entire industry back home.

But life's momentous events are never free from twists, are they? Now Arzu needs to make a choice â will she spend her life being a perfect hostess and exemplary wife, or will she have the courage to return to Bombay and take her future into her own hands?

Product Details

Title: Arzu
Author: Riva Razdan
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 9789389253498
SKU: BK0432408
EAN: 9789389253498
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Riva Razdan is a recent graduate of New York University, Abu Dhabi. She has studied storytelling in Paris, Florence, Abu Dhabi and New York. Riva currently resides in Mumba and is a screenwriter for Anil Kapoor Films.

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