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Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth)

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Superstar artist David Finch (Wonder Woman)—along with bestselling writer Tom King—completes his ... Read More

Product Description

Superstar artist David Finch (Wonder Woman)—along with bestselling writer Tom King—completes his run on the Dark Knight in Batman Vol. 3: I am Bane, featuring the ultimate battle between Batman and his arch-foe, Bane!
He is not a joke. He is not a riddle. He is not a bird or a cat or a penguin, not a scarecrow or a plant or a puppet. He is not a fairy tale or a circus act, a broken friend or a regretful mentor. He is no rich boy pretending to be a knight. 
He is Bane. The Batman invaded his home, scarred his mind and broke his back. Now Bane has returned to Gotham City for a single purpose: break the Batman once and for all. But first, he’ll destroy everyone the Dark Knight has ever loved…or loathed.
The young heroes who’ve worn the mantle of Robin. The cops, crime-fighters and vigilantes who make up Batman’s army of allies. Even the madmen and monsters that haunt the halls of Arkham Asylum. Batman will need all of their help—and more—to fend off this unstoppable challenger. 
Because both Bane and Batman know one thing: only one of them will walk away from their final confrontation unbroken…
Collects Batman #16-20, #23-24 and stories from Batman Annual #1.“Tom King's Batman really sets the gold standard.” —IGN
“Tom King’s writing is flawless.” —Coimicosity
 Tom King is a comic book writer and novelist, best known for his work at DC Comics including Batman, Grayson and Omega Men. He often relies on his experience as an ex-CIA agent and experiences during the recent conflicts in the Middle East in his writing, especially apparent in Grayson (alongside co-writer Tim Seeley), Omega Men and in Sheriff of Babylon, published under the Vertigo imprint.

Product Details

Title: Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth)
Author: Tom KingDavid Finch
SKU: BK0248920
EAN: 9781401271312
Language: English

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