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"Sumita Dawra is a masterful interpreter of China's miracle, bringing a first-hand understanding ... Read More

Product Description

"Sumita Dawra is a masterful interpreter of China's miracle, bringing a first-hand understanding of development to reveal what appears to so many as an unfathomable mystery. In doing so, she shows us China as the Chinese see it themselves.. " -Andrew Browne, China Columnist, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), China" This is a fascinating account of China's miracle seen through the eyes of an Indian civil servant. Sumita Dawra used her time in China to travel extensively and truly get "behind the miracle." The vignettes and data that she focuses on are highly revealing both about China itself and about what makes China different from other developing countries. I highly recommend this thoughtful and enjoyable book." -David Dollar, Brookings Institute, Washington DC, USA; former Country Director, World Bank for China & Mongolia" In China: Behind the Miracle, Sumita Dawra provides essential insight into one of the most important economic stories of our time, the rise of China. She illustrates the development model that has made the Chinese economy a juggernaut, while also revealing the widening cracks that threaten to undermine the miracle she chronicles." -Gady Epstein, Media Editor, The Economist, New York, USA; former Bureau chief of The Economist, Beijing, China"Sumita's book is a very interesting read on China's amazing growth story and what a slowing Chinese economy means to both the country and to the rest of the world. A valuable book for readers and policy makers in developing countries as well as for analysts in the developed world who may want to know more about the Chinese multidimensional economic story." -Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India; formerly at Peterson Institute for International Economics, Washington DC, USASumita Dawra is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), with experience at various levels of governance in India, and abroad. She was posted as Head of the Economic Wing in the Indian Mission in Beijing, China for three years and more, till July 2014. Presently posted as Secretary to state Government of Andhra Pradesh, India, she lives in Hyderabad.Some years ago the Chinese painted a canvas for themselves, and made all its colours come true. National income multiplied rapidly over thirty years, and millions of lives in the country improved, as China shot dizzyingly to the second slot in world economy. As growth now slows in China, the world waits for the giant to stumble. The never-say-die Chinese are however busy transforming their economy yet again - in surprising and significant ways - poised to catapult themselves to the next stage of development. The change is slow, seemingly imperceptible, but relentless, unmistakable and innovative.. China: Behind the Miracle reveals the many dimensions of the country's growth phenomenon. The book focuses on telling a simple tale of the Chinese economy, sharing extraordinary models of growth and economic change, while helping the reader develop an insight into critical issues.

Product Details

Title: China
Author: Sumita Dawra
SKU: BK0384007
EAN: 9789385436345
Language: English

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