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Communication With The Self

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Every person seeks success, but it is the kind of success that is measured by health, wealth, pop... Read More

Product Description

Every person seeks success, but it is the kind of success that is measured by health, wealth, popularity and so on. To attain this success, we make a number of efforts. We try and develop all kinds of different attitudes. All of these efforts are in the 'physical' or 'outside' world. We need to understand that success is to be attained 'inside', because it is the internal potential on which the outside world can be enjoyed thoroughly." Shreeguru Balaji Tambe further states that, for the achievement of the goal of life, one should clearly say, I want health, wealth and contentment, which will lead to success. To achieve this, I want my inner self to allow me to learn this language of communication. It needs the support of three sciences developed by the ancient Indian Rishis - Ayurveda for health, Yoga for prosperity and wealth and Vedas for the knowledge that will offer contentment. I want to practise all 3 together, which will lead to glory and success. The book COMMUNICATION WITH THE SELF : The SOM Program is a guide to a simple program devised by Shreeguru Tambe to achieve Success for Health, Wealth and the final goal of Contentment. The SOM Program is an inter-related system of energy disciplines that spans three major ancient life sciences. It has been compressed into a remarkably small program by Shreeguru Tambe, developed through practice and research spanning 4 decades. This book provides explanation, proof and science where possible behind the program so that one can practise with complete trust in the process. Explaining the point further Shreeguru Tambe says, Your mother tongue is for your community, the national language is for the country and global language for the world. SOM is a language for the Self within. It will communicate your deepest needs and, in return, evoke health, prosperity and constant, everlasting peace. For those of the many who have followed and practised the SOM Program say It is a deep communication within that actually unlocks more and more of your potential . I was able to give up my vices easily, completely and effortlessly . I have completely recovered from high blood pressure . I experience a quietness and contentment through Aum singing . The sixth sense is enhanced and activated, which helps me to take the right decisions, the mind experiences peace and satisfaction ...

Product Details

Title: Communication With The Self
Author: Balaji Tambe
Publisher: Sakal Media
ISBN: 9789384316570
SKU: BK0383546
EAN: 9789384316570
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Dr Shri Balaji Tambe is a spiritual guide, Ayurvedic doctor and an expert in Music and Yoga Therapy. He is one of the world's most distinguished Ayurvedic physicians and has been in this field for more than four decades. He is the founder of India's largest Ayurvedic Healing Centre known as Atmasantulana Village.

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