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Cristiano and Leo

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A thoroughly researched dual biography by the great Jimmy Burns.I am eating up this book. The ver... Read More

Product Description

A thoroughly researched dual biography by the great Jimmy Burns.I am eating up this book. The verve with which Burns writes about the power politics and rich supporting characters like Florentino and Ferguson makes it a captivating read.Burns is incapable of writing a boring sentenceThe definitive account of the world-shaping rivalry between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi and their ongoing competition to be the greatest football player of all time.

A Financial Times Sports Books of the Year.

Cristiano and Leo
is the fascinating account of the lives and rivalry between two of the best footballers to ever play the game, Ronaldo and Messi, by Jimmy Burns the bestselling author of Maradona: The Hand of God.

The rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi has defined football to a generation of fans – everyone has an opinion on who is the greatest.

Do you prefer Ronaldo whose work ethic and physique have been honed for one purpose – scoring goals. Or Messi, whose superhuman natural talent means he can do the seemingly impossible with a football.

Between them they have scored over 1300 goals, won the Ballon d’Or ten times, and taken the beautiful game to even greater heights. But statistics alone cannot do justice to their skill, athleticism and dedication to stay at the top for so long of one of the most competitive sports in the world.

Cristiano and Leo tells their definitive story, from children kicking a ball halfway around the world from each other to facing each other in the epic clash El Clásico, between Real Madrid and Barcelona. This is the essential book to understand one the most compelling rivalries in sporting history.

Jimmy Burns is an award-winning journalist and author of numerous books including Cristiano and Leo. He was born in Madrid in 1953. He has reported for the Financial Times, the Observer, the BBC and The Economist, and was the FT correspondent in South America in the early 80s. His book on Argentina and the Falklands War, The Land that Lost Its Heroes, won the 1988 Somerset Maugham Award for non-fiction. When not in Spain, or travelling elsewhere, he lives in London.Section - i: Prologue Chapter - 1: Madeira Chapter - 2: Rosario Chapter - 3: Rites of Passage: Ronaldo Chapter - 4: Little Big Man: Messi Chapter - 5: Lisbon Star: Ronaldo Chapter - 6: Growing Pains: Messi Chapter - 7: Into the Market: Ronaldo Chapter - 8: The Dwarf: Messi Chapter - 9: The Red Legacy: Ronaldo Chapter - 10: International Break – Euro Blues: Ronaldo Chapter - 11: First Team Calling: Messi Chapter - 12: Manchester Days: Ronaldo Chapter - 13: The Rise of the Hobbit: Messi Chapter - 14: International Break – Diego’s Shadow: Messi Chapter - 15: World Cup Trauma: Ronaldo the Winker Chapter - 16: Kicking On: Ronaldo Chapter - 17: The New Maradona: Messi Chapter - 18: Close Encounters: Messi vs Ronaldo Chapter - 19: Ronaldinho’s Farewell: Messi Chapter - 20: Euro 2008: Ronaldo Under Pressure Chapter - 21: International Break – The Beijing Olympics and Maradona Chapter - 22: Centre Stage: Ronaldo Chapter - 23: The Guardiola Revolution: Messi Chapter - 24: Goodbye Old Trafford, Hello Bernabéu: Ronaldo Chapter - 25: Untouchable: Messi Chapter - 26: International Break – World Cup 2010: Messi Chapter - 27: World Cup 2010: Ronaldo Chapter - 28: Enter Mourinho Chapter - 29: Clásicos: Ronaldo and Messi Chapter - 30: Mourinho Strikes Back Chapter - 31: International Break – Euro 2012: Ronaldo Chapter - 32: Life after Pep and with Mourinho: Messi and Ronaldo Chapter - 33: King Cristiano; Black Dog Messi Chapter - 34: International Break – World Cup Disappointment, National Embarrassment: Messi and Ronaldo Chapter - 35: Enrique vs Ancelotti Chapter - 36: International Break – The 2016 Copa América: Messi Chapter - 37: Rebuilding: Messi and Ronaldo Chapter - 38: International Break – Euro 2016: Ronaldo the Manager Chapter - 39: On Trial: Messi Chapter - 40: Legends: Messi and Ronaldo Chapter - 41: Conclusion Acknowledgements - ii: Acknowledgements Section - iii: Bibliography Section - iv: Notes Index - v: Index

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Title: Cristiano and Leo
Author: Jimmy Burns
SKU: BK0464513
EAN: 9781509849147
Language: English

About Author

Born in Madrid, Jimmy Burns studied in London and Lancashire, worked in Portugal, Spain and Buenos Aires and is an award winning journalist and author, who wrote the internationally acclaimed Hand of God: A Biography of Diego Maradona, La Roja, Barça and When Beckham Went to Spain. He is married, and has two daughters. His favourite hobbies – apart from watching a good football match or playing football on the beach – include tennis, walking, and practicing yoga.

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