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Dark White

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Seven friends. Seven innocent dreams. But when aspirations turn into dark ambitions, one ends up ... Read More

Product Description

Seven friends. Seven innocent dreams. But when aspirations turn into dark ambitions, one ends up murdered. And the rest, become suspects.

Being a notorious mastermind, Keval Kishore Rajput used his friends’ fears and dreams for his climb to power. He ruled the state as its youngest chief minister, before being mysteriously murdered. Did karma finally catch up to him? Or did revenge? From a celebrated standup comedian to an intimidating journalist, the web of suspects sprawls wide and deep.

Oscillating between the past and the present, Dark White takes us through the journey of seven characters, each striving in a battle against their inner fears. Each, also possessing a strong reason to kill.

Who murdered the CM?

Is the path to achieving one’s purpose in life always so dark?

Product Details

Title: Dark White
Author: Shweta Brijpuria
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
ISBN: 9789383562428
SKU: BK0427364
EAN: 9789383562428
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Shweta Brijpuria hails from the city of lakes - Bhopal. As a didi to her younger siblings, she grew up to be quite disciplined. She was scared of Math, but loved to write to the extent that even a difficult formula could be converted to couplets. She was close to her father who instilled a fire in her to be different, he told her interesting stories about her great grandparents that inspired her to make a mark herself. 'Marketer by profession, but a poet at heart' is how she describes herself. Having authored two novels, she has learnt to accept the challenges life throws at us with grace and courage. At first, it was hard to believe, but now she knows the stories of our lives are already written and we are merely playing our parts. The irony we are made to believe is that one has the liberty to navigate through their story at their own will, but that is where the conflicts begin and so does their story. This realisation has made her fall in love with life and people more than she ever had before. She is all set to further explore life, writing and living; for there are no endings in a story, just beginnings of new chapters.

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