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Devlok with Devdutt-2

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Devdutt Pattanaik is the author of over fifty books and 1000 articles on the relevance of mytholo... Read More

Product Description

Devdutt Pattanaik is the author of over fifty books and 1000 articles on the relevance of mythology in modern times. He worked in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for 15 years before devoting all his time to his passion for decoding beliefs of all cultures, modern and ancient, located beneath the veneer of rationality. Extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally insightful, Pattanaik also boasts of the added skill of simplifying his mythological accounts into delightful reads that engage young readers. He is the master storyteller of the very popular Fun in Devlok series and Pashu.

Are the illustrious clans of the Mahabharata from Surya Vansh or Chandra Vansh?
Which yuga does the Ramayana occur in, and does it occur only once?
What do haldi, kumkum, bhasm or chandan signify in a puja thali?
After the sensational response to Season 1 of EPIC Channel's Devlok with Devdutt Pattanaik, Devdutt invited his viewers and readers to ask him questions about Hindu mythology, which he has answered over thirty thrilling episodes. Prepare to be educated, entertained and moved as Devdutt delves into the exhilarating variety of Hindu mythology.
In this volume, you will discover the difference between dhyan and darshan, aastik and nastik, Surya Vansh and Chandra Vansh. There are amusing stories about your favourite Hanuman and fascinating facts about the dark Vishnu avatars, Varaha and Narasimha. Learn why Lakshmi or Saraswati are always in conflict, and how women have the most intriguing characters in mythological tales.
Journey deeper into the magical world of Hindu mythology with Devdutt, and you'll never want to turn back.

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Title: Devlok with Devdutt-2
SKU: BK0034116
EAN: 9780143440468
Language: Hindi
Binding: Paperback

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