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Digital Trust

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Current literature on SME and e-SME social media strategy is limited and not supported by empiric... Read More

Product Description

Current literature on SME and e-SME social media strategy is limited and not supported by empirical evidence.Practical and accessible for practicing professionals, but also sales potential for academic markets.Applicable to larger commercial organizations as well as e-SMEs.Due to their size and resource limitations, e-SMEs typically have non-traditional roles and responsibilities for their staff, which this book addresses.Barry will develop a website to support the book and provide further resources and advice for students and professionals who want to start their own business, alongside the article he writes and posts on LinkedIn to his 900+ followers.Barry Connolly is Senior Communications Manager at Registers of Scotland, with over 14 years' experience working in marketing and communications. He recently completed his PhD in Digital Marketing and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.Consumer trust is more important than ever, as digital platforms and social media have redefined the relationship between businesses and consumers. In this new and disruptive commercial environment, consumers have developed an expectancy of direct, transparent communication through social media. The traditional means of building and maintaining trust have been rendered obsolete by the chaotic, competitive magnitude of multiple online platforms. With a unique combination of academic rigour and practical guidance, Digital Trust is the definitive guide to effectively using social media to build an authentic, trustful connection with your consumer base. Drawing on his extensive experience in marketing and communications, Barry Connolly demonstrates how to harness the commercial opportunities provided by social media, while also showing how you can avoid its most common mistakes and pitfalls. With original research and illuminating case studies, Digital Trust provides adaptable and accessible social media strategies that will strengthen and expand your consumer base.Demonstrates how e-SMEs can successfully engage within social media communities to positively influence their brand trust and reputation.Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Online Branding Chapter 3: Consumer Trust Chapter 4: Online Purchasing and Corporate Reputation within Social Media Environments Chapter 5: Consumer Engagement and Social Media Chapter 6: Conducting Social Media Research Chapter 7: Social Media Engagement Frameworks - Creating initial and continual consumer trust Chapter 8: Social Media and Corporate Value Chapter 9: E-SME Social Media Engagement StrategiesFacebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks have become one of the main touch-points through which consumers engage with brands. Yet, businesses often underestimate the significance of these platforms, not recognising them as major assets that should be protected and developed. In Digital Trust, Barry Connolly uses frameworks and case studies to demonstrate how businesses can improve their branding strategies by harnessing the full potential of social media to develop digital trust.There may not be a more important topic in business these days than trust. In this carefully constructed and thoughtfully explicated examination, Barry Connolly offers academically sound and managerially practical tools to help firms build and leverage their perceptions of trust.Trust is the outcome of what an organization says and what it does. In Digital Trust, Barry Connolly explores how an organization can use digital platforms to communicate, engage and build trust with both stakeholders and consumers.Barry Connolly has produced a book that reminds marketers of the central role of trust in the relationship between consumers and brands. At a time when consumer data is being used in ever more complex ways in the digital and social media spaces, the need for businesses to behave in ways that develop and reinforce trust has never been greater. This book delivers a timely and useful guide to why and how this should be achieved.

Product Details

Title: Digital Trust
Author: Barry Connolly
SKU: BK0430402
EAN: 9781472981868

About Author

Barry Connolly is a marketing and communications expert with over 16 years of experience working in digital marketing, PR and communications in a variety of industries and sectors. He recently completed his PhD in Digital Marketing and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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