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Dissolve the Box

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Dissolve the Box (DTB) is a revolutionary movement to identify and drive out the 5 internal villa... Read More

Product Description

Dissolve the Box (DTB) is a revolutionary movement to identify and drive out the 5 internal villains

called LFEAD – Limited understanding of oneself, Fear, Ego, Attachment and Dominant mind.

DTB is rapidly becoming the phenomenon that will set YOU free – you, your family, team, organization,

society, country and your world – using the following 7 steps:


Realize that you’re not really free

Identify the 5 internal villains holding you back

Understand how they infect your personal, professional and social life

Appreciate that you can’t fight, suppress or ignore but can only dissolve them

Learn how to dissolve your barriers or ‘boxes’

Experience the significant and lasting impact it has in your life and work

Apply the model to solve personal, professional, social, economic and political issues practically

Dissolve the Box is a simple but life-changing framework that will empower you

to live, grow, lead, create and act. It takes freedom to the next level, giving you back your real freedom!

About the Author :

Santosh Sharma is the recipient of Star Citizen Honour 2013. He is the father of “Dissolve the Box” and “Intent leadership”. Earlier in his career, he contributed to the automobile, consulting, banking, equity and aviation industries, but life had more to offer. He is now the pioneer behind Freedom Foundation and also a visiting faculty at the IIMs. He is a CMA and holds a Professional Diploma in Management from the American Management Association.

Product Details

Title: Dissolve the Box
ISBN: 9788184955545
SKU: BK0364637
EAN: 9788184955545
Binding: Paperback

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