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Energy and Fuel

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Learn about the human body through facts focused on percentages. Did you know blood is made of 5... Read More

Product Description

Learn about the human body through facts focused on percentages.

Did you know blood is made of 55% plasma and 45% blood cells? Together they make 100% blood. Or that 65% of the body is water? Lungs, the brain, muscles, senses are some of the topics covered in this exciting new way of exploring how our body works.

Find out what makes the world complete by understanding the different components that make everything whole.

The series combines the visual style of infographics and their striking way of presenting facts and figures, alongside in-depth explanations and diagrams. It is a fun approach to science, leaving behind long lists of facts and presenting information in a relevant and easy-to-understand way.

Other topics covered in the series are the human body, our living planet, energy and fuel, people and places, forces and matter, space and time.

Perfect for readers aged 9 and up.

Learn about the world through facts and percentages
  • 1: Energy and fuel
  • 1: Energy use
  • 1: Fossil fuels
  • 1: Electricity
  • 1: Oil
  • 1: Coal
  • 1: Natural gas
  • 1: Hydropower
  • 1: Solar power
  • 1: Wind power
  • 1: Geothermal energy
  • 1: Wave and tidal power
  • 1: Nuclear power
  • 1: Glossary
  • 1: Index

Product Details

Title: Energy and Fuel
Author: Paul Mason
SKU: BK0432239
EAN: 9781526308528
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Paul's books cover a wide range of subjects, from whether the Romans ate crisps to how to build the world's best skatepark, but he writes mostly about sport. Whether you are interested in swimming, cycling, snowboarding, surfing or another sport, Paul has probably written something that will inspire you to get out and give it a try. Paul writes in a shack by the beach, which he shares with his one-eyed surf dog, Daisy.

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