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Frank Original Alias Board Game – Premium Indoor Game

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At Frank, we believe in classic fun with family and friends and building core memories together. ... Read More

Product Description

At Frank, we believe in classic fun with family and friends and building core memories together. We have made it our mission to provide classic board games that turn any family evening into a wonderful time for everyone to create important connections while having tons of fun. Our collection features classic boardgames loved by family and groups of friends all over the world so you too can build lasting relationships while laughing out loud. And remember: if for whatever reason you are not fully happy with your purchase, our customer care team is always ready to help!

Original Alias – Having Fun the Classic Way

There’s nothing more engaging and fun than a classic game of Original Alias where everyone is challenged to explain and guess the English word and advance on the board. The Original Alias game comes with a total of 3200 English words on 400 cards, as well as a sand timer to make everything more engaging and challenging. The family board game is great for larger groups and families.

Some features to keep in mind about our product:

• Made in India;
• For players ages 10+
• Designed for a good social experience;
• Premium materials;
• Easy to play;
• For 4 players and more;
• Engaging experience;
• Can help to create strong bonds and meaningful connections;
• Great for game night;
• Awesome gift for family and friends.

The complete set includes:

• 400 x cards;
• 1 x game board;
• 1 x sand timer;
• 6 x game pawns;
• Set of rules.

Get your game mode on with our premium Original Alias board game!

  • Interactive Experience: The Frank Original Alias game is a classic board game that should not be missing from your cabinet. Easy to play and super fun, this board game is designed to help everyone relax and enjoy a wonderful time together while challenging them to guess the right word!
  • Everything You Need: To make sure you are always ready for the next round of Original Alias, our family board game comes with no less than 400 different cards featuring 3200 English words that one must explain and the others must guess. To make everything more interested, we have also included a sand timer, game board, and game pawns.
  • More than a Game: Although super fun and engaging, this family board game is also a great way to help everyone work on their English vocabulary and speech. The game challenges everyone not just to guess the word but also to explain a wide range of words from many different categories.
  • Building Long-Lasting Relationships: What better way to find meaningful relationships than through super fun and engaging game night featuring our Original Alias board game? It allows everyone to unwind and relax while getting to know the deeper layers of each person.
  • A Gift for Family and Friends: Get this awesome Original Alias family boardgame for yourself or as an awesome gift for your loved ones. Surprise them with a unique gift that turns every game night into a time of fun and laughter.

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