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Funvention Veggie Cars (Set Of 3)-Fskvc009

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Funvention believes in Learn with Fun. Veggie Cars Puzzle toys & coloring kit follows the sam... Read More

Product Description

Funvention believes in Learn with Fun. Veggie Cars Puzzle toys & coloring kit follows the same principle. While building innovative playing cars, your kids learn many fun facts about the food. It teaches them the health benefit of vegetables and importance of the same in their daily meal. There is no other great thing than making your kids to Love their food. Veggie Cars are great puzzles for your little once that they can build it themselves to end up with Vegetable-Animal Combo Cars to Play around. Because our models do not require glue, your kids can enjoy building them as many times as they like, or leave them out for others to try. All our models are Laser Cut in house and that allows us to proudly say "Made in India". These toys are made from high quality engineering wood giving it a great rustic look. Kids can paint it with their own imaginations to make it most unique and personal. It's a great STEM educational DIY toy for kids and a very good option to gift or return gift on the occasion of birthday or at children's events. Made in India with lots of Creativity, Care & Love.

Innovative DIY Educational toy which provides a platform for children's to hands on experience in building creative toys with learning of basic working principle behind it.
S.T.E.A.M. hands-on Kit follows this principle and provides an active way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.
Skills Developed : Life Values, Fine Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Creativity and Imagination, Organizing and Structuring
This kit contain environment friendly parts, detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual, colors and learning material
It will motivate your kids to consume more vegetables in daily meal

What is in the box?

  • Laser cut parts, colors, instruction manual
  • Technical Details



    We Innovate to Educate

    Funvention is a creative and a leading venture founded by two brothers Milind and Kamlesh Vadnere. They believe that every child has a potential to shine if given a proper guidance. They want to enlighten young minds and unleash their hidden talents and skills. Funvention DIY kits contains simple to learn and interesting to play activities. It will channelize your child's energy in the correct direction and challenge them to think bigger. A variety of game play is provided in each activity box which will lead to their holistic development. Research says that play meets the Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social needs (PILES) of children. Children spend maximum time with their games and toys and these activities causes a direct impact on their personalities. Parents are like potters and it is our responsibility to mold them correctly. So will you hand them any random toy or let them play with this knowledge based activity? The choice is yours.

    Build Innovative Cars

    Connect all fine cut wooden parts all together & build your own attractive Vegetable Cars & assign one related animal to driving seat


    Paint with Creativity & Play

    Paint the cars & animals with most creative way can and race them with your friends


    Connect with Food

    Learn many fun facts about the food and health benefit of vegetables which are very much importance in your daily meal


    S.T.E.A.M. Educational Learning - Build, Play, Learn & Stay Engaged

    The Funvention Science, Art & Puzzle Kits are Educational and intend to teach kids concepts of S.T.E.A.M. ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). With Picture + Text + Video Tutorials for each Activity – Kids can learn in many ways and increase their interest in Science & Art easily.

    Fun + Inventor = Funventor

    Team Funvention seeks to develop Funventor factor in children's of all ages. It is conceptualized to prepare your children to tackle the challenges of this fast developing world. We are entering a competitive era where we will need innovators who can understand what we need even before we need it. Hence it is important to cultivate our children's mind in multiple stream at an early age and make them Future ready! It is said that learning that happens in the age 0-8 casts a permanent impression on the life. So now is the time to trigger the innovative side in your little genius.




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