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Great Circle

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'A gripping historical adventure that feels sharp, fresh and modern'

'So beautiful, so daring, so complete'

'A masterpiece'

'Luminous, masterful. Glides seamlessly through the 20th century, immersing the reader'
TELEGRAPH, Best Fiction of 2021

'How deeply we care about each of these people. Extraordinary'

'Wonderful. Memorable characters and vivid storytelling'

'A tour-de-force'

A soaring, breathtakingly ambitious novel that weaves together the astonishing lives of a 1950s vanished female aviator and the modern-day Hollywood actress who plays her on screen.
From her days as a wild child in prohibition America to the blitz and glitz of wartime London, from the rugged shores of New Zealand to a lonely iceshelf in Antarctica, Marian Graves is driven by a need for freedom and danger.

Determined to live an independent life, she resists the pull of her childhood sweetheart, and burns her way through a suite of glamorous lovers. But it is an obsession with flight that consumes her most.

Now, as she is about to fulfil her greatest ambition, to circumnavigate the globe from pole to pole, Marian crash lands in a perilous wilderness of ice.

Over half a century later, troubled film star Hadley Baxter is drawn inexorably to play the enigmatic pilot on screen. It is a role that will lead her to an unexpected discovery, throwing fresh and spellbinding light on the story of the unknowable Marian Graves.
'Extraordinary' NEW YORK TIMES

'Full of adventure, passion and tragedy' THE TIMES

'Soars from the very first page' SUNDAY EXPRESS

'Luminous, masterful. Glides seamlessly through 20th century history' DAILY TELEGRAPH

'Breathtaking' OBSERVER

'Impressive and gripping' SUNDAY TIMES

'Surprising and moving at every turn' GUARDIAN

'Audacious and Immersive' DAILY MAIL

'Accomplished and ambitious' FINANCIAL TIMES

Readers love GREAT CIRCLE:
What a read! Immense story with beautifully created characters
***** A 600 page turner that you are sad to finish
***** The story is so well researched and planned; historical fiction standing side by side with history itself
***** This is a stunning achievement, my perspective feels fundamentally transformed through reading it
***** A wonderful saga, covering a large chunk of the twentieth century

Luminous, masterful ... glides seamlessly through the 20th century immersing the reader. Tremendously well-writtenA gripping historical adventure that feels sharp, fresh and modernShipstead turns phrases and observes people beautifully. Full of adventure, passion and tragedy... a glorious tribute to women who push the boundaries of their one, brief life, breaking the bonds of their place in history and their female bodies, to soar higher and faster than others; and the price they pay to live so fast Impressive and grippingWhat's so impressive is how deeply we care about each of these people, and how the shape and texture of each of their stories collide to build a story all its own. GREAT CIRCLE grasps for and ultimately reaches something extraordinaryThe Marian portions rove from Montana to Manhattan to Scotland and Antarctica, and read like a carnival of early-20th-century American history, packed with bootleggers, treacherous boxcar rides, and tragic shipwrecks. The Hadley chapters offer a delectable dissection of life as a celebrity, serving up an intelligent skewering of the Hollywood machine and allowing the book to take flightGREAT CIRCLE is a novel of our insatiable need to stare down the terrible, magnificent vastness of it all: love, war, desire, fear ... A sweeping, swashbuckling book, full of oversaturated colour and grand destiny. The joy of this dynamic, soaring novel is not a welcome extra but its very engineEncompasses flight, travel adventure, identity, sexuality, family, the celebrity age - and in such beautiful writing. A masterpiece.Rocked by the cool cadences of Shipstead's prose, readers will embark on a journey through time and space. Across 600 pages, they'll link arms with its characters as they stroll along the decks of early-1900s ocean liners, then board private jets to eavesdrop on the poolside parties of 21st-century Hollywood. They'll spot eagles arcing over the wild frontiers of Prohibition-era America then feel the lonely, existential chill of the white expanses of Antarctica - in between city breaks in Europe and AustraliaThis wonderful novel weaves together the story of two women: a female aviator who goes missing in the1950s and the Hollywood star playing her in a film in the present day. A commitment that rewards with memorable characters and vivid storytellingFrom near-death experience in childhood, to marriage to a bootlegger, Marian rockets off the page in this gripping novel. A staggering storyAccomplished and ambitious... Most novelists have their limits and cut their cloth accordingly. Shipstead is a writer who can vividly summon whatever she chooses, taking the reader deep inside the world she creates.A clever, poignant story about ambition, love and sacrifice that'll completely draw you inThis ambitious, wide-ranging and psychologically insightful novel is a tour-de-forceIt is rare to read a novel that is as beautifully built as it is elegantly written. Moving and surprising at every turnA gorgeous soaring story that takes flight from the very first pageVast and entrancingA riveting novel with powerful characters that will excite, shock and enthralNothing short of brilliantA work of epic proportions and rich, cinematic detailGrand, audacious and completely engrossingThis epic novel tops 600 pages but you'll still want more. Ambitious, cannily constructed and entertainingBeautifully written and endlessly readable, this rapturous novel soarsAmbitious, intricately detailed, rich and consideredA WOMAN'S WEEKLY BOOK CLUB READDaringly ambitious... a novel that invites the reader to immerse themselves in the sweep of history, the rich and detailed research... breathtakingGreat Circle is an epic trip-through Prohibition and World War II, from Montana to London to present-day Hollywood-and you'll relish every minuteGlitz and guts square off in Great Circle: a tale of two women set apart by a century, fighting to retain control of their own lives in a society that demands subservience. Shipstead is adept at writing so vividly, the reader can feel the thrill and pain of her characters. Cunningly crafted. . . richly layered, a joy to read . . . rivetingMesmerizingAn enthralling epic about aviation and adventure. A big, baggy blast of a book bulging with sex and drugs, taking in Prohibition-era Montana, wartime London, present-day Hollywood, painting and physics. I loved itA generous, escapist treatA soaring epic of female adventure and wanderlustBestselling novelist Maggie Shipstead was struggling to depict a female adventurer. So she became one. The stakes of GREAT CIRCLE are high-for its heroine, literally life or death. Though Shipstead never learned to fly herself, she aligned with her main character Marian Graves in more important ways . . . She is interested in testing her limitsRelentlessly exciting . . . My top recommendation for this summer. Shipstead's sweeping new female-centered epic intertwines the story of Marian, an aviator who wants to circumnavigate the globe with that of actor Hadley Baxter, cast a century later to play Marian in a film. What can Marian's life tell Hadley about her own?Dazzling prose in the service of an expansive story that covers more than a century and seems to encapsulate the whole wide world. With detailed brilliance, she lavishes heart and empathy on every character. She never wavers, pulls out a twist or two that feel fully earned, and then sticks the landingSwinging from one century to the next, from the moneyed splendor of cities to the shifting Antarctic ice, Shipstead's prose overflows with meticulous detailEnthralling. Moving and surprising at every turnSweepingly panoramic and immersive. An audacious epicIn a moment when our quarantined worlds have become so small, GREAT CIRCLE offers more than just wanderlust; it feels like a liberation.Maggie Shipstead combines cinematic scope with a poet's eye for detailThe beginning of Maggie Shipstead's astounding novel, a Booker finalist, includes a series of endings: two plane crashes, a sunken ship and several people dead. The bad luck continues when one of the ship's young survivors, Marian, grows up to become a pilot-only to disappear on the job. Shipstead unravels parallel narratives, Marian's and that of another woman whose life is changed by Marian's story, in glorious detail. Every character, whether mentioned once or 50 times, has a specific, necessary presence. It's a narrative made to be devoured, one that is both timeless and satisfying.Absolutely dazzlingThrillingGREAT CIRCLE flew us to a different world. A book to devourA sweeping saga that alternates between the life of a tenacious female aviator in the 1930s and that of a millennial film star cast to play her in a biopic. In death, 'each of us destroys the world,' the author observes - but her engrossing novel is a moving reflection on the will to surviveArtfully constructed and exhuberantly entertainingShipstead soars in this expansive, beautiful novel about women and flightEngrossing, ambitious, beautifully writtenCompletely engrossing from the very first page. You won't be able to put this downA brilliant saga of a book. It will absolutely captivate you

Product Details

Title: Great Circle
Author: Maggie Shipstead
SKU: BK0469289
EAN: 9781529176643
Language: English

About Author

MAGGIE SHIPSTEAD is the author of the New York Times bestselling novels SEATING ARRANGEMENTS - winner of the Dylan Thomas Prize and L A Times Book Prize for First Fiction - ASTONISH ME and the Booker-shortlisted GREAT CIRCLE. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, The Best American Short Stories and elsewhere. She is a graduate of the Iowa Writer's Workshop and a former Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford. YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN 10A is her first story collection. Maggie Shipstead grew up in California and lives in Los Angeles, California. Find her @MaggieShipstead and on

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