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Heal Your Mind

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Many of us grapple with how to stay happy, calm and focused in a worldthat seems to get more comp... Read More

Product Description

Many of us grapple with how to stay happy, calm and focused in a worldthat seems to get more complex by the minute. How do we keep our witsabout us, our mood stable and our memory intact when our brains and bodies are bombarded with information and influences from every side? This one‐of‐a‐kind resource combines cutting‐edge science with compassionand wisdom to offer answers we can really use. Heal Your Mind continues the three‐pronged healing approach that Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz and Louise Hay pioneered together in All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations and Intuition. Here, it’s applied to aspects of the mind ranging from depression, anxiety and addiction to memory, learning and even mystical states. You’ll learn what’s going on in your brainand body when: You feel sad, angry or panicked. An addictive substance or behavior has hold of you. You have trouble focusing, reading or remembering. A past trauma is clouding your mind in the present. An emotional state is a clue to a physical ailment and more and in each chapter, you’ll get a “virtual healing experience” through case studies in the All is Well Clinic, where Dr. Mona Lisa uses medicalintuition to pinpoint issues in a wide range of prototypical client historiesand she and Louise offer solutions and affirmations to help restore wellbeing. Today, the “pill‐for‐every‐ill” approach is so prevalent that we may thinkour minds and bodies need an endless array of expensive, ever‐changing pharmaceutical interventions. In truth, medicines are just one approach to healing the mind; Nutritional supplements give us another important way tosupport mind‐body health and affirmations, as well as various forms oftherapy, can restore us to balance by changing the way we think. Heal Your Mind puts all these tools at your disposal to help you choose your own path toward wholeness.

Product Details

Title: Heal Your Mind
Author: Louise L Hay
Publisher: Hay House
ISBN: 9789385827327
SKU: BK0384191
EAN: 9789385827327
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Louise Hay has inspired millions since the 1984 publication of her best-seller You Can Heal Your Life, which has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Renowned for demonstrating the power of affirmations to bring about positive change, Louise is the author of more than 30 books for adults and children, and has produced dozens of CD and DVD programs, as well as inspirational card decks, online courses, and other resources for leading a healthy, joyous, and fulfilling life

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