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Heroes And Villains Of Finance

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About the BookThe finance industry is one of the few places where theactions of a few - or even j... Read More

Product Description

About the Book

The finance industry is one of the few places where theactions of a few - or even just one - can ripple throughoutthe world. Heroes and Villains of Finance profiles the fiftymost influential characters who, whether rogues or paladins,are responsible for today's financial landscape. Their impactreaches far beyond the financial system itself, and has helpedshape the course of human history. From philosophers and bankers to fraudsters andacademics, this book is a striking introduction to the most remarkable characters in thehistory of finance.Meet the titansbehind the evolutionof finance Learn how the Knights Templar became the first cross-border banking institution Discover how the Rothschilds shaped international finance Track the evolution of investment fraud from Ponzi to Madoff Understand the consequences of Reaganomics Find out Warren Buffett's favourite investment holding periodHeroes and Villains of Finance charts the evolution of money and human history, onefinancial titan at a time

Product Details

Title: Heroes And Villains Of Finance
Publisher: Harper Collions
ISBN: 9788126557578
SKU: BK0334923
EAN: 9788126557578
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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