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Hex-a-fun Xmas Special Gift Box of 2 Socks + 4 Hankies

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What is the perfect gift? One that is full of quirk and intrigue. One that fills your loved ones'... Read More

Product Description

What is the perfect gift? One that is full of quirk and intrigue. One that fills your loved ones' lives with joy and wonder, right? We too agree! 'Coz that’s exactly what we’ve got for your loved ones on your behalf. A gift that is nothing less than perfect. Disclosing the JLT! Jingle Bell Like That! 2 Unisex Ankle Length Socks + 4 Hankies, 100% Organic Cotton, Gift Box of 6.

For Christmas gifting for socks and hankies, we've jazzed them up in the quirkiest way possible with our JLT! Gift Box. Two ankle-length socks that redefine cozy, plus four hankies that turn every sneeze into a style statement—all bundled up in 100% organic cotton goodness.

Why should you care? Well, aside from being the coolest gift-giver in town, these socks and hankies are softer than a fluffy fur cushion cover. No color worries here, just vibrant, quirky prints that pop like confetti at a surprise party.

Size concerns? Not anymore! These socks are free-size that fits up to US12/UK11, hugging every foot that craves a playful fashion upgrade. And those hankies? A generous 46cm x 46cm canvas for your sneezing masterpieces.

So, what's the holdup? Christmas gifting for socks and hankies just got a cheeky upgrade. Shop Now!

100% Organic Cotton: Wrap your favorite people in organic cotton coziness! Our hankies and socks are so soft, they're like a gentle hug from Mother Nature.

Size: No size guessing games here! Our hankies are a cheeky 46cm x 46cm, and the socks? Unisex and free-sized – fitting feet up to US12/UK11. 

Quirky Print: Let your gifts scream personality! Our hankies and socks don't just come in colors – they come in quirkiness. Because life's too short for boring prints, right?

Soft on Skin: Our hankies and socks are so soft, they make kittens jealous. Your giftee's skin will thank you for this upgrade – it's basically a spa day for their toes and nose.

Airy Comfort: These socks are like a breeze for your giftee's feet – airy, comfy, and cooler than the other side of the pillow. 


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