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Hexafun Xmas 4 Small Hankies Gift Box Of Kid's

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What is the perfect gift? One that is full of quirk and intrigue. One that fills your loved ones'... Read More

Product Description

What is the perfect gift? One that is full of quirk and intrigue. One that fills your loved ones' lives with joy and wonder, right? We too agree! 'Coz that’s exactly what we’ve got for your loved ones on your behalf. A gift that is nothing less than perfect. Disclosing the Christmas-merized! Unisex Kid's Hankies, 100% Organic Cotton, Gift Box of 4.

This Christmas gift box for kids hankies is a burst of festive cheer for the coolest parents in town. Inside this, there are four 100% organic cotton hankies that redefine comfort and style for our stylish little ones.

At a cozy 30cm x 30cm, these hankies are as soft as a cloud and boast a stunning 0% color bleed guarantee. That means those playful prints stay popping, wash after wash. Quick-drying and moisture-absorbent, these hankies are the practical and adorable sidekicks every parent dreams of.

The quirky prints will transport even parents straight back to the good ol' days, adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the holiday season. This Christmas gift box for kids hankies isn't just a thoughtful gesture—it's a downright delightful experience wrapped in festive joy.

100% Organic Cotton: These hankies are like eco-warriors for kid's nose – 100% organic cotton, so kids can sneeze guilt-free. No pesticides, no chemicals, just pure organic goodness.

 30cm x 30cm Size: Big enough to wrap around a kid's neck for saving juice spills and fun-looking enough to opt for a bandana as a styling quotient. 

Playful Print: Forget plain hankies – ours have personality! Wipe away those drools with a side of charm. These hankies are so quirky, they can even turn a sniffle into a stylish affair.

Soft on Skin: They're gentle clouds for kids' face. Soft as a kitten's paw, these hankies are here to pamper babies' skin, making every dab, wipe, or blow a softy softy-like experience.

Moisture Absorbent: Spill the juice? No problem! These hankies are like tiny liquid vacuums. They don't just wipe away, they conquer moisture like champions. 

Unhide Your Fun Side with the new age hex-a-fun handkerchiefs.
Instant mood lifters that infuse fun and quirkiness in our daily mundane lives.
Use it as a handkerchief or style up and tie your hair with it
Fresh, edgy & uber cool prints that make your everyday look fashionable
Made with one of the finest & most premium 100% organic certified cotton fabric.

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