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How the Mind Changed

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No other life form on the planet has generated a brain like ours. How did a bundle of cells weigh... Read More

Product Description

No other life form on the planet has generated a brain like ours. How did a bundle of cells weighing just 1.2 kg give rise to conscious, self-aware beings capable of understanding time, language, mathematics and music, of exploring outer space and sequencing their own DNA? The answer to such questions is a 7 million year saga.

How the Mind Changed is the definitive book on human brain evolution: a sweeping natural history. Beginning with the first primate brain and the rise of our present-day, large human brain, it will describe the remarkable origin of our species' most mysterious organ, how it has developed, and how it will change in the future. To study the brain is to study the essence of what makes us human.

The extraordinary story of how the human brain evolved by Royal Society Prize shortlisted neuroscientist, Joseph JebelliHow did humans develop such a runaway mind? Joseph Jebelli masterfully illuminates the neurobiological road by which we arrived, and where it might reach from hereJebelli writes with aplomb and an eye for arresting asides... This is a slim, accessible and thought-provoking book - a springboard to further readingAn eye for thrilling details makes his approachable, sometimes provocative book an aptly mind-expanding experience for the curious reader

Product Details

Title: How the Mind Changed
Author: Joseph Jebelli
SKU: BK0458489
EAN: 9781529300147
Language: English

About Author

Joseph Jebelli is a neuroscientist and a writer. He received a PhD in neuroscience from University College London for his work on the cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases, then worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle. His much acclaimed first book, In Pursuit of Memory, was shortlisted for the Royal Society Science Book Prize and longlisted for the Wellcome Book Prize. He lives in London.

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