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How to Fund the Life You Want

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Author Platform: Robin is a vocal commentator on investing and personal finance and is active on ... Read More

Product Description

Author Platform: Robin is a vocal commentator on investing and personal finance and is active on Twitter and LinkedIn, where he respectively has 23,000 and 15,000 followers. Both Robin and Jonathan have extensive networks in sectors such as media, finance, non-profits, and politics through which they can promote the book.Marketing and Promotion Plans: the authors plan to be heavily engaged in the promotion and marketing of the book, with plans to produce marketing assets, an accompanying video series and arranging speaking engagements, interviews and podcast appearances to promote the book. Robin has been quoted in outlets such as the FT, The Times, The Telegraph and This Is Money, and is well-connected with many influential editors and journalists as a result of his media career.Unique Appeal: this book will serve as a one-stop-shop for any reader interested in optimizing their finances and preparing for their future. In addition to the workbook sections, this will allow the book to have unique appeal over scattered and often contradictory online resources.Opportune Timing: The economic impact of the pandemic, the rise of new investing methods, and news stories such as the Neil Woodford scandal are all factors that have led to the public being increasingly concerned, confused and conscious of their personal finances and saving strategies. This book will act as an antidote for such concerns, with its clear, accessible, jargon-free explanations and guidance.Strong Audio Potential: the digestible, accessible and universally applicable guidance found in this book would be perfect for an audiobook that could be listened to on commutes etc.Robin Powell is an award-winning journalist and campaigner for positive change in global investing. He previously worked in broadcast news and current affairs - he was a news reporter and documentary maker for ITV for 14 years, before freelancing for organizations such as Sky News and BBC. He was also a Visiting Media Fellow at Duke University in North Carolina and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists. Robin is the founder and editor of The Evidence-Based Investor, a news and content syndication site that works to dispel myths and vested interests in the investment industry. He is also the editor of Adviser 2.0, a blog which explores the changes taking place within the financial advice sector. Robin is Founder and Executive Director of Ember Regis Group and its subsidiaries Regis Media, a provider of content marketing for financial advice firms, and Ember Television, which produces and distributes video content based on sharing new ideas in the industry. Jonathan Hollow recently worked for the UK Government's Money Advice Service and the Money and Pensions Service. He worked with leaders and regulators in government and the financial services industry to create the 'UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing'. He previously worked as Editor-in-Chief for the Cabinet Office's online publications, before becoming the Innovation Director at Serco.*WINNER OF THE WORK & LIFE BUSINESS BOOK AWARD 2023* An accessible and practical guide to personal finance that busts myths, clarifies jargons and provides the best options for building your wealth. More and more people are reassessing their lives as a result of the pandemic. Many have left their jobs or reduced their hours. Others have resolved to work only as long as they must, retiring early to focus on families and friends, hobbies or travel. Meanwhile, employers all over the world are experimenting with a four-day week. Making the most of these choices requires having and growing enough money to enjoy your future life, without needing to worry about it running out. But when it comes to investing in a pension, there is a dizzying number of complex options available. This book is designed to provide clear, objective guidance that cuts through the jargon, giving you control over your financial future. The authors strip away the marketing-speak, and through simple graphs, charts and diagrams, provide an evidence-based money manual that you can use again and again. They also alert you to myths and get-rich-quick schemes everyone should avoid. It's a highly practical and refreshingly honest book, written by two independent experts who have seen how the investment industry works from the inside, and how it profits from complexity, ignorance and fear. They show, in practical language, how UK savers and investors can beat this system and, crucially, make more money for themselves than they do for financial services firms.An accessible and practical guide to personal finance that busts myths, clarifies jargons and provides the best options for building your wealth.This is such a valuable guide to DIY investing, I recommend you make this book your first investment. If you're serious about getting things right with your money - and avoiding costly mistakes - then set time aside to work through this excellent book. You will end up better off. No question. Wonderfully researched, jargon-free, thought-provoking, interactive and engages the reader from start to finish. I welcome this much-needed book, here to help anyone make sense of their money and pensions. With their human touch, no-nonsense language and a relentlessly practical approach, Robin and Jonathan have written the "missing manual" for everyday investors.

Product Details

Title: How to Fund the Life You Want
Author: Robin PowellJonathan Hollow
SKU: BK0462475
EAN: 9781399404600

About Author

Robin Powell studied at the University of Oxford, then worked as a print, radio and television journalist and founded a media production company. He now focuses exclusively on financial content and is the founding editor of The Evidence-Based Investor, a blog that works to dispel the myths surrounding investing and challenges the vested interests in the asset management industry. He has interviewed and co-authored content with some of the most distinguished practitioners and researchers in the field, including several Nobel Prize winners. He is an Ambassador for the Transparency Task Force, a campaign group that holds the financial services sector to account for the fees it charges. He is also head of client education for the financial planning firm RockWealth.Jonathan Hollow studied at the University of Cambridge. He then worked in publishing and digital content production, then later strategy and innovation for a wide range of charitable and public service causes. He has specialized in plain English and turning complex regulations into practical information people can use. More recently, he worked for the UK government's Money Advice Service (now rebranded MoneyHelper), and after this, the Money and Pensions Service. He worked with leaders from across government, regulators and the financial services industry. Together, they created the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. He also worked on the Chartered Institute of Insurance's Insuring Women's Futures taskforce. This aimed to understand, and begin to solve, some of the scandalous differences in financial outcomes between women and men.

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