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Job Search Secrets

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Subir Verma is HR and IR head at Tata Power DDL. He is a writer, speaker, HR leader and start-up ... Read More

Product Description

Subir Verma is HR and IR head at Tata Power DDL. He is a writer, speaker, HR leader and start-up mentor. He is an engineer and has a postgraduate degree from XIM, Bhubaneswar. In a career spanning over twenty-two years, he has worked in diverse areas including information technology, telecom, retail, financial services and manufacturing.
Sagarika Verma is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of India's first online mentoring portal, Sagarika has a PhD and MBA degree and has over fifteen years of experience in areas such as human resources and consulting. She has been associated with prestigious companies and institutions such as ICICI, Indian Institute of Management (Indore) and Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur).

A practical guide to helping readers find their dream jobs.

Searching for a job is always stressful-the majority of job seekers experience nervousness, anxiety and tension during their job search. While one's qualifications, experience and talent are important, all these are of no consequence if one cannot locate the right job, identify the right time to pitch for it and find the people who can help in getting it.

Job Search Secrets provides much-needed guidance to readers on how they can get their dream job easily. It includes tips on choosing the right career, finding hidden jobs, reaching people who can help in the job search, building long-term networks, using social media, cracking campus and virtual interviews, and more.

It is a step-by-step guide and practical manual with exercises and free tools, which anyone can use to find the dream job faster.

'Job searching can feel like an overwhelming and daunting task. Job
descriptions have vague language and hidden meanings, and job
sites feel like an endless amount of pages of jobs you didn't know
existed. This book is an insightful and practical guide for finding the
right job and nailing your application every step of the way. Read
this book and find your dream job!'

'Thousands of talented people struggle to land deserving jobs because
of their lack of understanding of how the job market and the interview
process works. The book therefore becomes extremely relevant-both
for first time entrants to the job market and those who are looking
to make a mid-career switch. I hope more and more people read the
book so they can crack these job search secrets and achieve their true

'A methodical and step-by-step approach has made this book
indispensable. This book will show the path not only to those
who are starting their career but also mid- as well senior-level

'An outstanding work for the thousands of people who struggle
with their search for the "right" job. Helping understand that
right job, looking for it beyond the obvious, preparing oneself to
secure it. An easy read, backed with some very practical tips to
find a better job. The book is a must-read for any job seeker, today
and tomorrow'

'This is the most relevant book in our current times that helps you
achieve your goal'

'Subir Verma and Sagarika S. Verma's book Job Search Secrets is a
practical handbook for all those who are looking for the right job.
The book is a labour of love, reflecting a professional depth which
comes through years of hard work and practical experience. Choosing
a career you love is the first step to the path of success to take forward
your passion, but equally important is to secure the job you love.
This book is a great tool to help you achieve that. I wish the authors
every success and look forward to more books that help job aspirants
and HR professionals alike'

'Job Search Secrets is a much-needed book in today's world of
business, where there is a demand-supply gap of right talent. A book
that outlines a practical approach and convenient methodology for
a job search with insider tips and secrets is definitely worth a read
for every job aspirant. The "start to end" approach on how to bag
a job of your choice makes the book an interesting read for many
job seekers. A commendable book'

'This book is a promise to help millions of job seekers through a
systematic approach to find a job. The ubiquitous gap between
the need for talent and the talent's need for jobs can be bridged by
using the advice by the authors to job seekers. Lucidly written with
easy-to-follow steps, this book is a must-read for Individuals looking
to find jobs, better jobs, change jobs'

'A must-read for all job aspirants, cutting across age and present job
profile, this book aims to do what has not been done so far-put
in place one composite ready reckoner for job seekers. The mix of
theory and practice makes it a unique read'

'If you Google the topic "job search", you get 7.5 billion results in
a second! That itself shows how important this subject is and that
billions of people are seeking answers to the questions around job
search, which is so important in one's life. With the pandemic, these
questions have become even more important. This book will surely
be a very useful guide for every job seeker and help them navigate their approach towards securing a job. A book with a lot of practical insights and tips, which make it even more helpful'

Job Search Secrets is not just a good book, but it's a "necessary"
book in today's competitive and challenging job environment. This
book provides an insightful framework that offers practical tips
and suggestions to be successful in this fast-changing job market'

'This book is just wonderful and a must-read for all job seekers.
This book will be an inspiration for young minds aspiring for
corporate careers to reach greater heights in choosing a career, not
just a job'

'Job Search Secrets is a must-read for all job aspirants. In
today's VUCA world and with the uncertainty in the job market,
job aspirants need detailed guidance on "how to enter the business
world" and their chosen "dream company". The book is very well
written, understanding aspirations and challenges'

'This book is path-breaking with treasures inside for all youth to
find the right career choices and succeed. With its simple writing
style, structured and fact-based approach, it is easy to follow and

'This book is certainly going to be extremely helpful for millions
of job seekers. The book is a result of hands-on experience in
recruiting thousands of people over the years; it provides valuable
lessons and insights to aspirants seeking enhancement of their
career prospects. A must-read for all who are at the crossroads of
their work-life!'

'Finally, we get a book that simplifies the overwhelming task of
finding a job. What I have liked most about this book is the focus
on finding the "right job" and not just any job. The authors have
carefully put the professionals at the centre stage of job hunting and
have equipped them with a methodology that is guaranteed to yield
Job results. This book is destined to make millions of job seekers smile!'

'India has millions of qualified graduates but most are without a job.
Companies have vacancies but not the talent. There needs to be a
bridge which can prepare talent to be ready for what companies are
looking for. Job Search Secrets provides just that. Short, practical and
effective tips for all students and job aspirants to find jobs. Many
secrets are revealed, and I recommend all to benefit from it'

'Job Search Secrets is full of real insights and is a practical guide
that not only touches upon the art and science of getting the "right"
job, but also how to remain happy in the job. This book will play a
big role in equipping readers with the right approach, to land their
dream jobs'

'Job Search Secrets, written by Subir and Sagarika, acts as a career
coach for students and job aspirants to find all the answers'

'The biggest confusion for youngsters is "Which career is right for
me?" and "How to get the job of my choice?". Students and job
seekers experience many barriers to be gainfully or rightfully employed
throughout their career. They need to know how to overcome these
barriers with the right resources and support. Job Search Secrets is a
tremendous, practical and much-needed work. They have mindfully
compiled the different perspectives related to the challenges being
faced by job seekers and how effectively and efficiently they can
reshape their inner and hidden capabilities to address the challenges
with the right information and guidance that is most suited to
everyone. A wonderful book'

'This book is bringing out pertinent points related to the current
job market . . . a struggle between right talent and unemployment.
Get the benefit by putting things into practice'

'This book by Sagarika and Subir is about to fulfil people's dreams to
get corporate jobs. The book creates practical and multiple bridges
between talent and employers and helps you find jobs in the corporate

'Who wouldn't want to read a book with a title Job Search Secrets-
Master the Art of Getting a Job? It is structured in a way that readers
will be able to understand the science behind the art. The book doesn't
need a testimonial; if you read and implement it, you will see the
results yourself'

'A book by experienced and accomplished human resource
professionals which will change the lives of many people. An
immensely valuable piece for all job aspirants and students'

'This book truly reveals the secrets of success to cracking campus
interviews, finding hidden jobs and the right people to get a job,
building long-lasting networks, choosing the right career, managing
virtual interviews, using job portals and social media, negotiating
salaries and joining company. All with practical tips, tricks and free
tools of each of the areas needed for a job search. A must-have book for

Product Details

Title: Job Search Secrets
Author: Sagarika VermaSubir Verma
SKU: BK0446827
EAN: 9780143453079
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Subir Verma is HR & IR Head at Tata Power DDL. He is a writer, speaker, HR leader and start-up mentor. He is an engineer and a postgraduate from XIM, Bhubaneswar. In a career spanning over 22 years, he has worked in diverse areas including information technology, telecom, retail, financial services and manufacturing.

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