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Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava is the continuation of the first book written by Ms. Krishna... Read More

Product Description

Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava is the continuation of the first book written by Ms. Krishna Udayashankar, called Aryavarta Chronicales Book 1: Govinda. in the first book she explains to us how the empire was made. The kings and queens are as human as possible and have their stand out qualities and flaws and this book is believed to have the most realistic narration of the Mahabharata.

Her second book Aryavarta Chronicles Book 2: Kaurava picks up from the end of Govinda and the rise of the Kaurava clan focusing on Dharma Yudhistir and Syoddhan and their journey of trying to defeat different empires. The book Kaurava brings out the realistic image of the various kings in different empires, their political moves and attempt to bring down Dwaraka and Indraprasta. The convoluted details describing the war at Dwaraka are excellently portrayed.

The author brings a very human element in this book reminding her readers that it's human to make mistakes and the spotlight shines on Dharma focusing on how he gambles away his empire, where it's quiet contrary to what we have heard of, which is that he was tricked into losing his empire. Govinda is left disappointed and hurt with this act of irresponsibility by Dharma.

Taking situations in his own hands in order to save the empire Aryavarta, Govinda has to play a tactful game of betrayal by giving out a secret he has protected all his life so far that could destroy the Firewrights and Firstborn. Kaurava is the bridge between the first book and third. The way Ms. Krishna has brought color to the characters is nothing like anything that has been done before. This book is available in paperback.

Key Features

The human element is revealed in this book showing us that humans make mistakes.
The betrayal and hunger for power is the highlight of the story.

Product Details

Title: Kaurava
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 9789350096345
SKU: BK0377521
EAN: 9789350096345
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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