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Leader's Block

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Ritu G. Mehrish is an executive coach and speaker with twenty years of corporate experience in co... Read More

Product Description

Ritu G. Mehrish is an executive coach and speaker with twenty years of corporate experience in companies such as Procter & Gamble, GE Capital and its spin-off, Genpact. Throughout her career, she has worked with, coached and conversed with leaders from diverse industries across the globe. In her most recent role, she ran a multimillion-dollar business vertical with 1000 people across eight countries and five continents. Her experience has, in fact, enabled her to bring in a pragmatic approach to leadership development.
Her client list-which includes Google, PayPal, Swiss Re, J.P. Morgan, Applied Materials, Intel, Knight Frank, Johnson & Johnson, AIA Group, Medtronic and Wharton Executive Education-highlights her expertise. Currently based in Singapore, she completed her bachelor's degree in commerce from India and is a chartered certified accountant from the UK.

Have you ever felt bored and uninterested at work?
Do you feel that you are working hard and not seeing results?
Does your day end with frustration and disillusionment?
But what happened? After all, you loved this job.
It could be 'leader's block', a phase where leaders feel demotivated and unengaged. These are the same leaders who at one point found their work stimulating and exciting. Over several candid interviews, senior professionals reveal why they felt this way and the circumstances that caused it. Ritu G. Mehrish uncovers the reasons behind this feeling and the antidote to this malady.
Identify when you are getting into the 'leader's block' and learn how to break out of it!

In the book, Ritu has explored an aspect of leadership which we don't often talk or hear about. It has honest recount of the leaders she interviewed and also her own corporate journey. The book is very engaging as it's peppered with interesting narratives and anecdotes. My favourite chapter is "Leaders in action". I highly recommend this book to all leaders irrespective of their background and experiences.This book is unique, refreshing, candid, honest and shares real relatable stories from real leaders.This is such an important book and it should be mandatory reading for all managers on all levels.Through extensive first-hand research, filtered through her own experiences, Ritu Gupta Mehrish has made an important contribution to leadership literature through this book.Leader's Block is a must-read for all.Ritu has addressed a very important topic and created a tool-kit that will be useful to new and established leaders alike. A compelling read for all leaders!The book is very relatable and talks to leaders at every level, helpful guidance in getting best out of people at work - highly recommendable!Leader's Block provides lot of insights into the performance of business leaders. Ritu has done a great job identifying a common problem that hinders business leaders to reach their potential and make significant impact. This is real and many of us have experienced.Leader's Block is simply a must read for everyone - whether you are going through a career midlife crisis or not (yet!).Leaders block is an excellent read that brings to life the "not so glamourous" aspects of a leadership journeyLeaders and organizations cannot afford to ignore this phenomenon called "Leader's Block" I would highly recommend it to leaders at all levels.She keeps the reader engaged through numerous tales from middle and senior managers about their experiences with Leader's Block, and how they conquered their leadership demons.While reading it, I found myself recognizing situations that I have faced over the years, and getting the perspectives of others in similar situations provided great insight.

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Title: Leader's Block
SKU: BK0418545
EAN: 9780670091928
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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