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Masala Lab: The Science Of Indian Cooking (Illustrated Editon)

Release date: 25 September 2023
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With its meteoric rise to bestseller status, Masala Lab has captivated readers across generations... Read More

Product Description

With its meteoric rise to bestseller status, Masala Lab has captivated readers across generations, and now returns as an irresistible collector's edition, adorned with ingenious additions, illustrations, infographics and charts: it's the collector's edition you know your kitchen-laboratory needs.

Ever wondered why your grandmother threw a teabag into the pressure cooker while boiling chickpeas, or why she measured using the knuckle of her index finger? Why does a counter-intuitive pinch of salt make your kheer more intensely flavourful? What is the Maillard reaction, and what does it have to do with fenugreek? What does your high-school chemistry knowledge, or what you remember of it, have to do with perfectly browning your onions? Just like memorizing an equation might have helped you pass an exam but not become a chemist, following a recipe without knowing its rationale can be a sub-optimal way of learning how to cook.

Masala Lab by Krish Ashok is a scientific exploration of Indian cooking aimed at inquisitive chefs who want to turn their kitchens into joyful, creative playgrounds for gastronomic experimentation. In this special edition, Meghna Menon's vibrant illustrations effortlessly complement Krish Ashok's lighthearted approach to the demystification of culinary science, making it the perfect vehicle to absorb the exhaustive testing, groundbreaking research and scientific rigour that went into the making of this revolutionary book.


Product Details

Title: Masala Lab: The Science Of Indian Cooking (Illustrated Editon)
Author: Krish Ashok
Publisher: Penguin Viking
SKU: BK0481507
EAN: 9780670098569
Number Of Pages: 104
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Release date: 25 September 2023

About Author

Krish Ashok is not a chef but cooks daily. He is not a scientist, but he can explain science with easy-to-understand clarity. He trained to be an electronic engineer but is now a software engineer. He learnt to cook from the women in his family, who can make perfectly fluffy idli without lecturing people on lactobacilli and pH levels. He likes the scientific method not because it offers him the ability to bully people with knowledge, but because it confidently lets him say, 'I don't know, let me test it for myself.'

When he is not cooking, he's usually playing subversive music on the violin or cello. He lives in Chennai with his wife, who sagely prevents him from buying more gadgets for the kitchen, and their son, who has the flora and fauna in the neighbourhood terrorized.

You can follow him at @krishashok on Twitter at your own risk.

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