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Maths Lab

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Branka Surla is a primary school teacher and the mathematics coordinator for three schools. She e... Read More

Product Description

Branka Surla is a primary school teacher and the mathematics coordinator for three schools. She enjoys art and mathematics and the challenge of keeping children excited and engaged in their learning. She uses cross-curricular lessons to help children see how mathematics can be enjoyable and creative and how it is involved in just about every aspect of life.

A fun and engaging STEM activity book for kids that combines creativity and calculations - perfect for budding mathematicians!

This is the perfect maths exercise book for kids interested in STEM topics. Choose between 27 creative projects and experiments that will turn your child into a maths whizz! It's the perfect book for curious minds interested in taking the mystery out of maths.

Explore the exciting world of numbers and maths problem-solving! In the pages of this maths book for kids you'll discover:

- 27 hands-on creative projects to engage reluctant mathematicians between the ages of 9-12
- Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions will show you how to make each project
- All materials used can be easily found around your home with no specialist equipment needed
- Every project includes an explanation of how maths is involved in creating the project or the results of the experiment
- Real-world maths projects show that maths isn't just abstract - it has an impact in the real world too!

Produced in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution, Maths Lab is designed to appeal to maths geeks and those that prefer practical projects. To complete these engaging projects, kids don't need to be maths genius or even know how to use a calculator. Each task comes with easy-to-follow instructions, photographs and illustrations to help whip up super cool maths creations!

Maths Lab features interesting activities that cover many aspects of the subject including measurement, geometry and trigonometry. Kids will combine art and maths by learning to draw impossible objects - creating beautiful patterns to make things like a timetable dream-catcher or perfect the ratio for making refreshing fruit drinks. Each project has an explanatory box that demonstrates how maths is applied to the activity to demystify and make maths fun!

Product Details

Title: Maths Lab
SKU: BK0442161
EAN: 9780241432327
Language: English

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