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Mein Kampf (Twp)

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MEIN KAMPF which is the autobiography of ADOLF HITLER is well known to us. In that book he wrote ... Read More

Product Description

MEIN KAMPF which is the autobiography of ADOLF HITLER is well known to us. In that book he wrote how he fought with the world & what were the circumstances developed in his life because of which he chosen that way. But this is not the story of ADOLF HITLER; it is a story of MOHAN RAMCHANDRA DESAI.

He was a middle class boy who already lost his father & living in Mumbai with his mother & elder sister. When he was school going boy he watched the bomb blast scenario of 1993 very closely & also experienced the flame of Hindu & Muslim fight. After passing his school he took admission in J.J. School of Art & becomes an art designer. By his own luck or by his destiny he becomes an actor in the film & soon considered as one of the best in the film industry. He also got married with his school days lover & his old neighbor Sunita. In the mean while his sister Supriya also gets married & settled in New York & his mother died because of sickness.

On her sister’s wedding anniversary, he called her to wish her & his brother in law Aanand. Supriya & her daughter were in the office of Aanand to give him surprise. He lost his sister, Aanand & their daughter in the WTC attack by Terrorists because his office was in WTC. Again this accident changes his life & his way of thinking about the terrorists but he didn’t express those feeling & anger to his wife & people.

After few years of that accident, when he was going to London to perform in the stage show his plane got hijacked. And first time he came directly in contact with terrorist organization. Terrorist wanted Indian government to free the captured men of their organization. Because of Mohan was a big Indian film star, they let him speak with media & ordered him to beg for their life to government of India through those channels. But Mohan refused to follow their orders & he declared in front of the media that, he is ready to die for his country. Because of his comments terrorist punished him very badly & in that punishment he loosed both his legs. Government finally agreed to accept their all demands. By denying & showing loyalty to India, Mohan becomes a national hero but at the cost of his two legs which became senseless.

Again destiny plays his role in Mohan’s life & he enters into the politics. But this time he sees the way to direct his anger which he had against the terrorist & those people who worked against the law. He creates his own laws to fight with those people & his total life becomes a fight. He fights with them while seating on the wheel chair. He uses WORDS as a weapon & proved the world that, words are dangerous than weapons.

It is a story of his fight. He fights for survival at the time of Hindu & Muslim fight, he fights to complete his education, after becoming an actor he fights to reach at the top & after becoming Chief Minister he fights because he created his own way. Every new phenomenon has to face this problem & the person who introduced this phenomenon undergoes a long fight & it story of such fight. Mein Kampf means MY FIGHT & it is not a fight of ADOLF HITLER; it is a fight of MOHAN RAMCHANDRA DESAI

Product Details

Title: Mein Kampf (Twp)
Author: Adolf Hitler
Publisher: The Write Place
ISBN: 9788193266731
SKU: BK0372918
EAN: 9788193266731
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

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