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Mind of a Consultant

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Dr Sandeep K. Krishnan is a senior partner at People Business, a global consulting firm. He is a ... Read More

Product Description

Dr Sandeep K. Krishnan is a senior partner at People Business, a global consulting firm. He is a visiting faculty at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore. Sandeep is a fellow (doctorate) of IIM Ahmedabad and did his graduation from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. He has led consulting assignments with over a hundred organizations, including 3M, Tata Group, ITC Limited, Biocon, BEML, Britannia, RPG Group, Ola, Manipal Group, Allstate, United Technologies, United Breweries, PWC and Accenture. Prior to joining People Business, he has worked with Infosys, Ernst and Young (EY), IBM and RPG Group. He is an executive coach with certification from the University of Cambridge. He is the author of The Making of a CEO, published by Penguin Random House India.

'Insider's view into the consulting world'
'Hard-to-learn skills shared in an easy manner'
Management consulting is seen as a glamorous profession. Behind the mystique are the consultants who put in extraordinary effort, inculcate great problem-solving skills and display fine personal attributes, which enable them to capture the attention and respect of their clients. This book opens into that world through the story of Samanta Thomas, a character based on countless excellent consultants, through whom we get a peek inside the very mind of a consultant and their journey.
The book shares with you an insider's view of the management consulting world through the career journey of Samanta Thomas. The objective of the book is to help professionals in various stages of their careers to hone the key skills that can propel them into success. The following readers will find it very useful:
· Business professionals:
The skills discussed in this book are universal in nature. The central idea of the book is to have a consulting mindset for professional success. How can you be more effective in solving your business problems? Reading this book can help you.
The book also shares with you career tips, mindsets for success, and ways to overcome career failures and become better every day. These are valuable insights, whether you are junior, a mid-level professional or a senior in your career graph.
If you are a sales professional, this book will help you better your influence, your ability to network and your understanding of client/customer needs better. If you work in business-support functions such as IT and human resources, this book will help you wear the hat of an internal consultant more effectively.
The book provides the golden rules to lead. Essential lessons for whoever is in a leadership role or is aspiring to be in one!
· Consultants and aspiring consultants:
This book will help you reflect on your skills so you can be better at what you do. Client management, networking, problem-solving, management-consulting tools, financial acumen, leadership skills, working with a team, presentation skills and business growth-you will get a 360-degree view of all this through the story of Samanta Thomas. For experienced consultants, there is enough higher-order skills discussed in the book.
If you are a management graduate, this book will give you guidance on why consulting is for you. A couple of chapters discuss a management graduate's entry into the consulting world and the skills needed to be successful. It will help you answer the question: 'Is consulting the right career choice for me?'

As you traverse the journey of a management graduate growing to become a partner in a top consulting firm, The Mind of a Consultant will help you understand the various key skills that make for a successful consultant and professional. The real-life experiences of consulting leaders bridge the gap between concept and practical insight. Problem-solving, management models, financial acumen, client management, leadership, networking and work-life integration-this book hands you the tools to professional career success in a hands-on and easy-to-understand manner.

The book is a detailed job description for anybody wanting to make consulting their careerThe Mind of A Consultant...does not overwhelm the reader with jargon or overload the student with technicalities, yet equips those interested in excelling in the consulting space with all the knowledge required to speak, sound and carry themselves like an expert.

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