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Mystical Man Revenge of the Orion

Release date: 2019
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“In time you’ll know what it' like to lose; to feel so desperately that you’ll win, yet lose neve... Read More

Product Description

“In time you’ll know what it' like to lose; to feel so desperately that you’ll win, yet lose nevertheless.
When all your light becomes dark, your loved ones shall doubt your powers; when you’ll be completely broken from inside, at that time I shall be the ruler of the mluniverse,” Orion bellowed, “and … and … you… Mystical Man shall be my servile slave.”
Orion the Dark Lord, Master of Dark Arts, the one above all is back; back to take his vengeance from the Gods, and to defeat The Wizards. The four Wizards led by none other than Mystical Man will need true friends and special knowledge to defeat Orion. They’ll face their destiny courageously and fight Evil.
Will Orion win or lose? Shall he be the ruler of the mluniverse as he predicts? Will Evil win and Good lose?
Or, will the Wizards win? So many questions and one answer!

Product Details

Title: Mystical Man Revenge of the Orion
Author: Jihan Patel
Publisher: The Write Place
ISBN: 9788193854068
SKU: BK0440310
EAN: 9788193854068
Number Of Pages: 329
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 18 years and above
Release date: 2019

About Author

Jihan Patel, a 14-year-old writer based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat began reading at a very early age and wrote his first fictional work, Mystery of Mystical Man at the age of 12. Jihan has always been fascinated with science fiction and fantasy movies. At the age of 10, he was thinking and talking about the fantasy world of superheroes. While he did understand that neither he nor any human could be a superhero, he did realize the inspirational potential of these do-gooding fictional characters, and began penning down his thoughts on his father' advise. His journey started, and today, in continuation of the first he has his second book, which includes some of his original artwork. The introduction in this book gives a gist of the first.

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