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Release date: 8 December 2010
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An impossible dream that came true and what it means for your business. In Nanovation, best-selli... Read More

Product Description

An impossible dream that came true and what it means for your business. In Nanovation, best-selling authors Kevin and Jackie Freiberg, along with Dain Dunston, take you behind the scenes and show you how, in the face of insurmountable odds, Tata Motors created one of the greatest innovations in the auto industry since the Model-T. This is the story of how Team Nano pushed itself to find elegant solutions to seemingly impossible problems. When experts said the Rs 1 lakh car was impossible, they pressed on. When budget constraints, design restrictions, the rising costs of materials and political agitation threatened to derail the project, they dug deeper. And when the Nano was revealed to an astonished world, they started a cultural renaissance in business thinking. Nanovation explores the making of the Nano to show how you can encourage employees to overcome adversity, to take risks despite the fear of failure, and to innovate beyond customer expectations. If Team Nano could take 85 per cent of the cost out of a product as complex as a car, what can you do to transform your price-to-performance paradigm and deliver insanely great products and services at a fraction of their previous cost? Your future depends on creating a culture of innovation. Nanovation shows you how to do it.

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Product Details

Title: Nanovation
Author: KevinFreiberg
Publisher: Penguin India
SKU: BK0033259
EAN: 9780143415688
Number Of Pages: 367
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 8 December 2010

About Author

Kevin and Jackie Freiberg's award-winning books profile gutsy leaders who dare to dream big, flll a room with energy and do things others say can’t be done. A blend of rigorous research grounded in real-world strategies and memorable storytelling, their books will stretch your thinking, engage your imagination and challenge you to do something now. If you’re up for a deep dive into how Southwest Airlines became the greatest success story in the history of commercial aviation, the mind-blowing culture of the $3b SAS Institute, what India’s Tata Motors did to produce a $2500 car, the CAUSE that catapulted National Life into one of the fastest growing insurance companies in America, or how the San Francisco Giants rose from the brink of disaster to become one of the most successful, enduring sports franchises in the world…the Freibergs will take you behind the scenes. If you want to STAND OUT instead of fitting into a sea of sameness, make things happen instead of making excuses and be indispensable instead being someone who won’t be missed…their books show you how. Kevin and Jackie are partners in a firm that equips leaders for a world of change. They have provided keynotes, seminars, and retreats to over 2,000 companies in 60 industries around the globe. Their clients don't want to be held hostage by history; they want to understand the threats and opportunities that will shape their future. They are interested in blowing the doors off business-as-usual and finding ways to disrupt themselves before someone else does. Their clients don’t want dead people working; they want to create cultures where impassioned people come to work fully awake, fully engaged, firing on all cylinders. They don’t want to be stuck in routine and resignation, they want to think big, act bold, do epic work and live epic lives. In a world where everyone and everything around you is constantly getting better, where technology waits for no one and a smarter, more sophisticated customer wants to know what’s new, what’s next… you can either drive the train departing for the future or chase it.

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