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Oxford English Mini Dictionary - Indian Edition

Release date: 2015-01-01 00:00:00 +0530
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A dictionary is a compilation of words in one or more languages, generally in the alphabetical or... Read More

Product Description

A dictionary is a compilation of words in one or more languages, generally in the alphabetical order. It specifies the meanings of the words, their definitions, synonyms (in some cases), etymologies, pronunciations, translations etc.

It is a very useful product for a person who is in the process of inculcating a new language. In fact, it is helpful for day-to-day life of a person who already is familiar with a particular language. Everyone needs help on some or the other word even if it is a language they already know, because of the regular updation and invention of new words, the world over.

The Oxford English Dictionary has defined a dictionary as a, “book dealing with the individual words of a language (or certain specified class of them) so as to set forth their orthography, pronunciation, signification and use, their synonyms, derivation and history, or at least some of these facts, for convenience of reference the words are arranged in some stated order, now in most languages, alphabetical and in large dictionaries the information given is illustrated by quotations from literature.” Lexicography is an art of compiling, writing and editing dictionaries. Lexicography involves classification of dictionaries, which is a very significant part of this exercise.

Based on several criteria, dictionaries are segregated or classified into distinct categories which are as under: 1. Frequency of the entries i.e. whether the list of words is in a generalized, inhibited or specialized form. Also it is to be seen if the dictionary comprises of regional vocabulary and slangs. 2. Number of languages involved i.e. whether it is a monolingual, bilingual or multilingual dictionary. 3. Traits of entries i.e. whether it’s word-for-word or also comprises of encyclopaedia. 4. Layout of entries i.e. whether it is in the alphabetical order or casual. 5. Intent i.e. whether it is for reference purpose or other specialized purpose 6. The ultimate user could be someone who just has to refer to the word meanings or for some specific user like someone who wants to go into the detail of the literature.

The Oxford English Mini Dictionary is simple to use and comprise of day-to-day words that you use. The definitions given are not vague and are easily accessible. It helps the user with their spellings, grammar and vocabulary.

It is really very helpful for the strenuous exam preparations. Again, it is portable enough to carry anywhere and anytime.

The new edition comprises of the Guidelines to use the dictionary, which has further simplified things.
Also given is a list of abbreviations used in the dictionary. A Quick Reference Grammar Guide is the additional feature of Oxford English Mini Dictionary. Some of the amusing features include: • Commonly confused set of words • List of regularly misspelled words • Some valuable words for various games and puzzles are also given.

Product Details

Title: Oxford English Mini Dictionary - Indian Edition
Author: Oxford Univeristy Press
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198075554
SKU: BK0038128
EAN: 9780198075554
Language: English
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 2015-01-01 00:00:00 +0530

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