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Payback Time

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Payback Time is a New York Times #1 bestsellerA straightforward and accessible guide to investing... Read More

Product Description

Payback Time is a New York Times #1 bestsellerA straightforward and accessible guide to investing successfullyA timely book - it teaches the best way to take charge of your investments in a volatile marketThe author's story is real-life rags-to-riches - his methods really workTown's previous book, Rule #1, was a New York Times and bestseller

Following several years with the Special Forces during the Vietnam war, Phil Town returned to the United States and supported himself by working seven months a year as a river guide in the Grand Canyon. His annual income was in the low four figures. After some split-second heroics on his part saved a boatload of Outward Bound trustees from a whitewater disaster, a grateful financial expert who had been onboard took Town under his wing and taught him the first principles of Rule #1 investing. Town managed to put together a $1000 stake, and within five years had turned it into $1 million.

Today Town speaks to more than 500,000 people a year on the topic of risk-free wealth creation and is regularly a featured expert on MSNBC and CNBC. His first book, Rule #1, was a New York Times #1 bestseller.

Millions of people have done everything recommended by professional financial advisors only to see their retirement funds dwindle or even disappear entirely in the global financial crisis. Does anyone really still believe that methods such as 'buy and hold' investing will protect them from risk?

In Payback Time, Phil Town - author of New York Times bestseller Rule #1 - demonstrates the investment tactics that will enable you to ensure a safe and profitable financial future for yourself. Calling on time-proven strategies used by the world's best investors, he shows how you can reverse your nest egg's downward direction by purchasing the stock of solid companies at windfall prices - prices that can only head in one direction: up!

This simple method will help you to achieve 15% or better annual returns, with the least amount of risk. The time has never been better for making money in the stock market - if you know how.

Product Details

Title: Payback Time
Author: Phil Town
SKU: BK0298612
EAN: 9781847940643
Language: English

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