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Problem Solved: 52 Teen Boy Problems & How To Solve Them

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Alex Hooper-Hodson writes the 'Teen Talk' column for the Daily Record and for six years was the ... Read More

Product Description

Alex Hooper-Hodson writes the 'Teen Talk' column for the Daily Record and for six years was the agony uncle for Sugar magazine, responding to teenage questions and problems.Agony Uncle, relationship expert, journalist and blogger, Alex Hooper-Hodson received upwards of 2,000 letters a month from teen boys and girls aged 12-15. All can be related to 52 core issues that affect teenage boys and girls today - from first sexual relationships, dealing with spots, how to avoid Facebook mistakes, how drink, drugs and on-line gaming can affect your life - to the social and emotional aspects of family, friends and relationships. Through a 'Problem Page' format Alex explores the key issues that today's teens face.Agony Uncle Alex Hooper-Hodson reveals an interesting truth: in spite of being sent up to 2,000 problem letters per month, all of them can be boiled down to 52 basic problems for teenage girls and boys. This book gives positive solutions and strategies for how to solve all the core issues affecting teenagers today!
  • 1: 'Boys don't cry'?
  • 2: I'm sick of being treated like a kid
  • 3: I get teased for my weight - what can I do?
  • 4: Do I need to start shaving?
  • Case study: Body image
  • 5: I'm worried that my penis is too small!
  • 6: How can I feel confident in public?
  • 7: My mum thinks I might be depressed
  • Case Study: Bullying
  • 8: My parents have split and want me to pick a side
  • 9: I like to fight other boys - what's up with me?
  • 10: I have nightmares about the world ending
  • 11: What's the point in going to school?
  • 12: I need some tips on how to look good
  • 13: I want to choose my clothes but don't know where to start
  • 14: I have a crush on a girl at school - what should I do?
  • 15: My girlfriend has dumped me and I feel like the world has ended
  • Case Study: On line gaming
  • 16: I'm jealous of my best friend
  • 17: I don't want to be the only virgin!

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