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Reunion - Leadership And The Longing To Belong

Release date: 5 December 2023
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We all want to belong. For executives and managers, to be better leaders—and people—we must creat... Read More

Product Description

We all want to belong. For executives and managers, to be better leaders—and people—we must create welcoming environments in which ourselves and others feel recognized and have a place. But to do so, we must first face our own need for belonging and how that need is often thwarted. Colonna argues that only through radical self-inquiry can we come home to ourselves and others and, in doing so, create systemic belonging—homes—for everyone.

Many people in power fall into the trap of toxic leadership. But this toxicity can be overcome. Colonna guides us on a journey of reunification with the disowned parts of ourselves, the myths and truths of our ancestors, as well as a deeper connection with those most affected by systems of exclusion. He shows how to apply radical self-inquiry (“How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don't want?”) and broaden it to include “How have I been complicit in maintaining systems of oppression that I say I don’t want?” And, more important, “What do I need to give up that I love in order to have the systems of belonging that I want?”

The necessary first step is for leaders and others who hold power to see themselves clearly. The vital second step is to see and alter the effects of one’s untended, unhealed wounds and beliefs on those we are tasked to lead.

Doing so, we are then able to reimagine businesses as collectives where a shared sense of belonging thrives. Doing so will cause a reckoning with the accepted definitions of leadership, success, and value.

With its unusual blend of poetry, quotes, and examples from Colonna’s own life as well as the lives of his clients—Reunion is a life-altering guide for today’s complex and divisive world. Its wise insights and practical advice will help create an inclusive and welcoming workspace, discover the best of who we are, and nurture and support those whom we are privileged to lead.


Product Details

Title: Reunion - Leadership And The Longing To Belong
Author: Jerry Colonna
Publisher: Harper
SKU: BK0484103
EAN: 9780063389502
Number Of Pages: 272
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: USA
Release date: 5 December 2023

About Author

Jerry Colonna is the CEO and cofounder of the executive coaching firm A highly sought-after coach and speaker, he is also the author of Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up. For more than twenty years, he has used his experiences as a CEO, investor, journalist, college professor, and, lastly, coach to help people lead with humanity, resilience, and equanimity. He is astounded by the fact that he lives on a farm outside of Boulder, near the foothills of the Rockies and far from the streets of Brooklyn where he was born and raised. He is the father of three amazing humans,each of whom cares deeply about the love, safety, and belonging of others.

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