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Roti And Subzis

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Rotis and Subzis are a standard part of Indian meals—and we end up making them almost every day. ... Read More

Product Description

Rotis and Subzis are a standard part of Indian meals—and we end up making them almost every day. Rotis are generally made of staples like wheat, jowar, bajra or rice flour, whichever is commonly available in each region. Nowadays, with the widespread availability of all kinds of ingredients in supermarkets, it is possible to make any type of roti, with any flour, in any part of the country. No longer do Punjabis have to stick to wheat flour chappatis or Rajasthanis have to be satisfied with jowar or bajra. You can make a healthy combination of flours and cook them in several traditional as well as innovative ways to make everyday fare like chappatis and stuffed parathas, or party perfect offerings like double-decker parathas and puran poli.
Each recipe in this book has an image and every ingredient has a detailed glossary link to make it easy for any one to follow the recipe. Some of the recipes do have video links too.
Subzis are an even more delightful part of the meal, because then induce variety in taste, aroma and looks. Put together different combinations of vegetables and dals, throw in varied masalas, and cook using methods new and old, to come up with lip-smacking delights that are a perfect match for your rotis. Again, the culture, climate and crop of every region dictate the everyday meal, but since most veggies and spices are available across the country these days, everybody is welcome to try any recipe that catches their fancy any day they feel like it.
That said, despite the large palette of traditional rotis and subzis and the even larger spread possible with a little experimentation, we often get into a rut of a routine and start making the same type of rotis and subzis too often, making meal times rather boring. Why do that, when there are umpteen varieties of rotis, and an even wider selection of subzis to choose from?
In this book, I take you on an interesting journey into the world of Rotis and Subzis. The book is divided into several sections, to make sure that you can easily find your way through it.
In the first section, I introduce a variety of Rotis. I have purposely stayed away from the common ones, and covered only exotic varieties, which you might have thought are impossible to make at home with the simple utensils in your kitchen. You will love the enticing flavour and colourful presentation of delightful rotis like the Carrot and Coriander Roti and the Hariyali Roti. The second section is on Parathas and Naan. You can discover how to make Naan, without an elaborate tandoor setup, using the humble tava that’s there in every kitchen! There is also a section on rich, fried rotis such as Aloo ki Puri.
The variety of subzis is even larger. In this book, we have covered a representative selection of subzis, spread across three sections: Punjabi and Moghlai Style Subzis, Curries and Koftas, and Provincial Style Subzis. While Punjabi and Moghlai subzis speak of a rich lifestyle with luscious meals, the curries and koftas focus more on varied veggies and base-styles. In the provincial recipes section, I take you through some of the classic cooking styles of India.
Relish the luxurious Shahi Aloo and Hari Bhaji on special days, and bring variety into everyday meals with curries like French Beans in Coconut Gravy and Drumstick Vegetable Curry. Try your hand at the treasures of other communities, with delightful dishes such as Tendli Cashewnut, from Mangalore and Ganthia Subzi, from Gujarat.
By now you would have realised that nothing is impossible in the kitchen! With a bit of know-how and a lot of creativity, you can conjure up an unlimited variety of rotis and subzis. So, go ahead, experiment and treat your family to delectable meals that they will look forward to everyday.

Product Details

Title: Roti And Subzis
Author: Tarla Dalal
Publisher: Sanjay & Co.
ISBN: 9788186469064
SKU: BK0438849
EAN: 9788186469064
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Mrs. Tarla Dalal is India s best - selling cookery author since over 2 decades. She has written a total of 100titles, several of which have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian! The total sales of her cookery books exceed 3million copies. Her first book The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking , which was published in 1974, was an instant success with Indian housewives. The book, which is considered a classic in cookery books, has sold a record 1,50,000 copies. Lately there has been a new addition to the list called the TOTAL HEALTH SERIES. These are health related cookbooks with recipes and information on various subjects like The Pregnancy Cookbook, Baby and Toddler food, Delicious Diabetic Recipes, Fast foods made Healthy, Healthy Breakfast, Healthy Soups and Salads, Cooking with 1 Teaspoon of Oil, Healthy Soups and Salads, Healthy Breakfast and Calcium Rich Recipes has been her best selling book recently. In addition to writing cookbooks, Mrs. Tarla Dalal also has a major web presence in the form of, the largest Indian food site.

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