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Sales People Don’T Lie

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Sales malpractice accounts for huge losses in businesses worldwide. The way to bring attention to... Read More

Product Description

Sales malpractice accounts for huge losses in businesses worldwide. The way to bring attention to this malaise is to ensure that salespeople worldwide understand the damage this malpractice causes. This book is a mission to spread the word on how sales can be a profession that does good for customers and adds value to their lives. A salesperson can be someone who does good for the society and to every individual who needs help in making the right decision about a product they wish to purchase.

One of the basic tenets of a sales team that meets customers face-to-face is that sales grow as the relationship grows between the customer and the salesperson. Trust is the principal ingredient that keeps relationships going. When a salesperson lies, it is an assault on the very core of the relationship. Truth and transparency while hard to choose, is less painful in the long run. The book advocates using a professional sales system that facilitates sales successes in an easy and legitimate way. A robust sales system not only helps in achieving sales targets but has an overall impact on the motivation of the sales team, thereby curtailing attrition.

When you don’t fear sales, you never have to lie.

Product Details

Title: Sales People Don’T Lie
Author: Joseph L. Roshan
Publisher: Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd
ISBN: 9789352807123
SKU: BK0438809
EAN: 9789352807123
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Roshan L. Joseph is a professional in the sales and marketing field and a consultant of repute. He has been the Executive Director on the Board of Eveready Industries India Ltd with the accountability for marketing and sales. He has also been the Managing Director (MD) of Franke, a Swiss MNC in the kitchen solutions business. At Eveready, he was instrumental in bringing Eveready out of the cold with the pathbreaking advertising campaign ‘Give Me Red’. This brought about the repositioning of Eveready as a brand that could connect with the youth. The campaign won 11 advertising and marketing awards and continues to date with the way Eveready advertises. Earlier on, his skills as a marketer were put to test in a challenge facing the flashlight business. This was the neglected business of the company. Today, with adept marketing moves, it is a very profitable division of the company. In 2004, Roshan, as the MD of Franke, had the challenge of establishing the brand, though no. 1 worldwide, in the Indian kitchen scene. Today, Franke is well established as a premium brand of kitchen sinks. Here too, he established a unique positioning and improved distribution to develop the brand. In 2007, he started a marketing and sales development company of his own in collaboration with Carew International of Cincinnati, USA. He has worked with diverse clients across the Middle East and India. Roshan has been a trainer as far back as he can remember. He has been the Course Director of the Calcutta Management Association for a record six years. He established the first Sales Training Department in the company. He was the Founder of the Eveready Academy of Sales Training (EAST) and was instrumental in the award-winning initiative Basic Training Program for training all employees of Union Carbide, over 6,000 of them. Roshan is currently the Managing Partner of B-More Consulting (, where he promotes various international sales development initiatives.

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